Dr. Mehta’s hospitals sets the standard for covid-19 care in chennai with high overall recovery rates and 100% discharge of patients over 60


Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals have been leading the way in terms of private healthcare during the pandemic, with some of the highest recovery and discharge rates in the city. They have been especially successful at treating senior citizens, and have successfully discharged all their patients above the age of 60. The Vellapanchavadi campus currently has an overall recovery and discharge percentage of 98.69%, and the Chetpet campus currently has an overall recovery and discharge percentage of 99.5%. Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals are known for a legacy of over 85 years in private healthcare, and are noted for having completed over 2 million successful surgeries. Their current administration of coronavirus care is the latest feather in their cap.

Each campus has an exclusive COVID-19 ward, with a multi-speciality approach with consultants on call 24×7 and a highly experienced on-ground clinical team. These include cases with long stays of approximately 50 days, and treating patients with pre-existing diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension and more.

Patients have received highly personalised care to manage the variety of symptoms that may present based on co-morbidities and other factors. These include haemodialysis, early pulmonary rehabilitation, and three streamlined medication protocols based on the severity of the case. A range of surgeries on positive patients have also been performed. Successfully discharged cases include: a 93 year old female patient admitted with fever and myalgia who developed clinical deterioration but recovered within 48 hours with under the hospital’s care; a 68 year old male patient with ARDS who developed renal and other complications and required surgical intervention but recovered after a three week stay; and a 61 year old male patient with diabetes, obesity and severe ARDS with complications included septic shock and cytokine storm, and who required tracheostomised ventilator support, who was discharged after a 49 day hospitalisation. In addition to very elderly patients, another vulnerable category that Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals have successfully catered to are pregnant patients

Among the treatment measures that Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals have used to facilitate their good outcomes are the use of antivirals such as Remdesvir administered via IV (not orally), early oxygen support and non-invasive ventilation for high risk patients, and the administering of antibiotics, anticoagulants, antifungals, steroids, antihistamines and vitamins as required. Their multi-speciality approach means that patients have access to pulmonologists, diabetologists, cardiologists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, pediatricians, nephrologists and medical gastroenterologists. Around-the-clock monitoring for early escalation of treatments, CT chest screening for pneumonia even in suspected false negative cases and meticulous nursing care, as well as proper nutritional supplementation, have also played important roles.

Additionally, the hospitals maintain a holistic focus on wellbeing, including regular psychological counselling for patients and family members and allowing calls between them even in the ICU. Post-discharge teleconsultations and follow-up sessions to manage complications are maintained for 3-4 weeks with each patient.

Speaking on their handling of the pandemic so far, Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals Vice-Chairman Mr. Sameer Mehta said, “Good risk stratification and appropriate management are the keys to how we have had significant recovery and discharge rates. We have taken a 360° approach to treating the virus, as we recognised that it presents differently across cases. Our exceptional record with treating senior citizens, even those hospitalised for lengthy periods, has been a result of ensuring that they have access to a broader spectrum of care.”

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