eLearnPOSH.com launches new Annual Subscription Program for IC Members & Managers


Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Compliance Solution Provider eLearnPOSH.com announced the launch of its new Annual Subscription Program for Organizations to meet the training requirements of the Internal Committee members & Managers.

These new Annual Subscriptions will enhance the capability of the Internal Committee Members, through comprehensive eLearning and by tripling periodic interaction with POSH Experts through Live Webinars while reducing the cost of the training by 50% to organizations compared to other competitive options.

The POSH Act of 2013 expects organizations to perform their duties including formation of Internal committee and conducting awareness sessions for all employees. eLearnPOSH.com is one of the early providers of POSH Awareness eLearning, and was the first to launch the program in 7 Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Malayalam) apart from English.

With the launch of the POSH for IC members Annual Program, the subscribers will get yearlong access to

  • 45 Mins of POSH Foundation eLearning
  • 30 Mins of POSH for Managers eLearning
  • 90 Mins of POSH for IC Members eLearning
  • Three 90 min Live Webinar Sessions conducted by POSH Experts with Q&A

o   3rd Week of March, July and November every year

o   Recordings of the webinar will be available for subscribers if they miss the live session

o   Topic for the webinar will be selected based on the inputs from the Subscribers

  • The entire experience will be provided through its Learning Portal which will add several tools for the Internal Committee members to improve their capability.

Speaking about the launch, Santhosh KT, Founder and Managing Director of SUCCEED TECHNOLOGIES (eLearnPOSH.com), mentioned, “Internal Committee Members have the powers of a Civil Court in case of an inquiry. A comprehensive training program is required to ensure IC Members use these powers responsibly. This training cannot be provided through a day-long workshop or just one-off eLearning. Learners will either be overwhelmed with information or underinformed with just eLearning. We have structured the program in a way where On-demand eLearning will provide the foundational knowledge and the three Webinars with POSH Experts and Legal Professionals will provide the required deep dive. As these webinars are through the year, information will be a lot more digestible and improve retention”

Speaking about the competitive offerings, Cherith Samson, Vice President-Sales, of Succeed Technologies mentioned “These days there are numerous providers of POSH Training available in the market. If customers just look at it as a compliance course, they may go purely by the price. This is not the best choice when it comes to a sensitive program like POSH. We decided to up the ante with increase in value for the customer, while reducing the price. Across the three products for Employee Awareness, Manager Sensitization and IC Member Training, we have slashed the price by at least 20% which help customers choose our offering which is better with increased value”.

On the launch and the future roadmap, Jeelani Khan, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer mentioned “This is just a beginning, we are revamping the entire eLearning part of the offering for IC with the launch of new eLearning modules and Micro-learnings. Soon to be launched External Member Directory (a free service on eLearnPOSH.com) will help organizations easily find truly independent External Committee members. We have a promising roadmap of tools to be included as a part of the POSH for IC Members Annual Subscription.”

Addition of these new features coupled with slashed prices timed perfectly towards the end of the year (deadline for compliance) should make it very difficult for the customers to look away towards competition.

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