Gaining Belly Fat? These Might be the Reasons

None would be happy with their belly fat and everyone would love to shed it immediately. Reducing your belly fat could be highly a difficult task but before that, you should know the reasons or causes of belly fat. This would in turn help you to work accordingly to get better changes. Well, the fat in the abdomen would increase your waist size and leads to the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and Alzheimer’s. So, let’s check out the ideal causes of belly fat.


Stress could be one of the reasons for belly fat especially in women. These women are more prone to the stress hormone called cortisol which is associated with the accumulation of fat and leads to the growth of abdominal fat.

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Excessive eating would lead to weight gain which would eventually make you worry about your increasing waist. If you are binge eating foods and not getting enough physical activities, then you are definitely gonna worry about your waist size. Since weight gain mostly depends on the intake of calories and the carelessness of burning down calories, it would never be prevented unless you curb overeating.


Sugar could be the main culprit in your weight gain. When you have sugar intake especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup, it would stimulate insulin production which could easily develop visceral belly fat. And this is the reason why you should distant yourself away from sugar-sweetened soft drinks and curb the cravings for colorful candies.


Like sugar intake, the changes in the hormones which are associated with menopause are one of the major reasons for belly fat. As menopause would shut down the production of the sex hormones like estrogen, it would lead to the development of abdominal fat. Moreover, menopause would cause an alteration of accumulated body fat in the waist to other body parts like legs, arms and hips as well.


The extra salt in your food would make your water to transfer from your bloodstream into your skin. Most people would do this blunt mistake of consuming extra salt than the recommended amount every day. You must have to prevent this condition by avoiding the intake of salt through other sources such as canned foods, deli meats, salad dressing, and some dairy products like cottage cheese.


If your body has the required amount of magnesium, it would extremely beneficial for your heart, blood sugar levels, and many other benefits and weight loss too. But when there is a lack of magnesium, it would just do the opposite for your health.


Leading a sedentary lifestyle must be one of the major reasons for your annoying belly fat. The person would be failed to workout or being inactive throughout the day. A sedentary lifestyle is nothing but you would sit in one particular place to read or watching movies or scrolling mobile phones or using a computer or laptop.


It is well-known that each human should get almost seven to eight hours of sleep every night. But if you fail to get enough sleep, then you are increasing your stress hormone and hankerings for sugary foods which are highly dangerous for your health. You have to enjoy healthy hours of sleep every night to curb the levels of stress hormones.

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