Feeling Sleepy at Work Space? Here are some ways to avoid it!


Taking a nap is a common thing but when it comes to excessiveness, then it is something you have got to sort out. It is okay to feel drowsy during the daytime. In some cases, people would experience excessive sleepiness due to daily work, childcare, and women handling works at home and office and leisure activities even. If you are someone who lies on your work desk often as you feel extreme drowsiness, then you have got to watch out your sleeping time at night as most of the sleepy issues start with your bad nighttime sleep schedule. However, here are some of the effective tips to work out while you are working if you feel drowsy at work.


If you are someone working from home, this could be possible for you. It would be better if you get a good nap or siesta which would be the best way to overcome your daytime sleepiness. So, if you have your own office, then you could shut the door and have a good nap on your desk. Meanwhile, you should never forget to set an alarm as you might oversleep. When you have a good nap, then you would automatically be active and focused on work.

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Usually, people tend to have the mindset that after having lunch they would go for a nap or it might definitely make them drowsy. If you are someone who fights with daytime sleepiness, you have to avoid eating heavy lunch afternoon as it would make it worse further. Go for light lunch and feel satisfied by it. Instead of going for sugar snacks, sodas, or carbohydrates including white bread and pasta, you could include boiled eggs, chicken, berries, nuts, veggies, and whole grains.


When you sit at one particular spot for a longer period, it would make you bored and worsen your daytime sleepiness as well. So, you have to get up from your desk and walk around for every hour to stimulate good blood flow which could, in turn, help you stay awake and focus on work. While getting up and roaming around frequently could not be possible while you are working at an office, you just shake and move your legs or have a stretch while sitting in your chair would help in this case. And when your phone rings, just make an opportunity to walk around and talk.


This is personally a favorite to many people as it works well while you are working. Sometimes, the silence of the working atmosphere would make you feel sleepy and make your eyes shut anytime. In this case, you have to listen to some awesome upbeat music to wake up your brain and make it feel the hype. It would be cool if you are working from home but when it comes to the office, you could ask permission from your boss and enjoy it. Some workspace would have radios and speakers to make their workers stay active and energetic. If you are at this place, it would be electrifying then.


If your eyes are shutting uncontrollably, then get up and go to the restroom and splash some cold water on your face. This could be one of the easiest and simplest tips to follow and gives you immediate awakening.


If your work desk is set near windows, then let in some natural shades as sunlight would do its part in improving energy and alertness. Unfortunately, if you do not have a window, then invest in a lightbox and have it near your desk as it would emit UV light at a lower level thereby helping you to stay awake.

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