Ghee Or Oil Or Butter! Which One Is The Most Healthiest Choice



Countless benefits are associated with butter, ghee or oil!

But which is the healthy one to use in your daily life!

Of course, we wonder at what to eat or what to intake healthily to stay strong in our life. There are several ways to change your healthy lifestyle by adding certain foods in your daily diet. You might have heard adding butter or ghee or oil in your daily diet would be healthy in one way or another. Be it butter or ghee or oil, each has its countless benefits. But among these three which one would be the healthy choice of all is a chaotic question now. So, you have to know each one of them better keenly. Though each one has the benefits and is used in different ways, you should have to know how it should be used.

GHEE: Well, butter is boiled at high temperatures and milk residue is also removed and alleviates fats along with it and thus ghee is prepared. However, butter is known to be loaded with fats and ghee is low in fat when compared to butter. As ghee is full of energy and healthy fats, it is consumed only in a smaller amount when cooking or used in preparing any other dishes. The presence of acid in the ghee would be helpful in improving your immune system and thus enhances the immunity of your body.

BUTTER:  It is well-known that butter is loaded with a lot of fats and it is widely used in preparing several dishes. Well, butter is packed with saturated fats in the form of milk protein and butterfat. These fats are actually heart-healthy fats when compared to poly-unsaturated fats or unwanted fats in the oils.  Butter contains 20% of water which evaporates while cooking whereas oil is pure fat which gets absorbed in the dishes you are actually cooking. Instead of buying butter in the supermarket, just prepare home-made butter by yourself. All you need to do is to use 2 to 3 cups of cream which would be stored for 8 to 9 days. As of now, you gotta heat the cream you collect with a half cup of water and a half cup of milk at high temperatures until you get the butter solids separately. Now, separate the solids from the liquids and cool it down and you would now get the home-made butter.

OIL: As it is mentioned earlier, oils are loaded with polyunsaturated fats which might cause inflammation in the body and that is the reason why a smaller amount of oils are recommended for the human body. However, you could use olive oil as it contains unsaturated fats and is a healthier choice of all oils. So, you must ensure to use both ghee and butter for high-temperature cooking but it is not the case with olive oil as it is oxidized in high temperatures. Meanwhile, refined oil could be used for cooking deep-fried food but it should be in lesser quantity.

Thus, to build a healthier body, you should have to follow the ratio of 2:2:1 which is for ghee, butter, and oil as it is good for your health.

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