Healthy Indian Foods You Should Start Eating Sooner


Since India has been praised for its rich culture and tradition, it has also been equally praised for its healthy food varieties. The world would have now been well-known about the greatness of Indian food recipes during the pandemic situation. Well, what makes the food outstanding in the world is the mouth-watering taste, delicious flavor, and palatable ingredients that have been used in Indian cuisines. As India is a land of various cultures, the range of food items would include Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian, and much more varieties which have their own benefits and unique taste. Even if there are several varieties of meals, it is essential to know what tops the list of healthy Indian food recipes. Read on to incorporate them into your daily diet!

RASAM: Being the gem of a dish, Rasam is known to be an ideal food for cold, flu, and weight loss even. The power of rasam has been eulogized around the world during this pandemic situation which could never be denied. Rasam is a warm desi soup which super healthy for your body as it contains key ingredients like tamarind, coriander powder, turmeric powder, curry leaves, pepper, tomato, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garlic, and asafoetida. By looking at the key ingredients, you could blindly say how healthy it is.

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IDLY: Idly is a south Indian dish that definitely needs to be listed in the healthy Indian food items. As most people would have known its health benefits, idly is a distinctive combination of dal and rice which is fermented and steamed to get its soft and delicate form to consume. It is loaded with great carbs and proteins as well as low in fat and easily digestible.

SAMBAR: Like idly, Sambar also comes from South Indian cuisine which is extremely nutritious and healthy as well. This curry is served along with rice and the veggies it contains would make it healthy. Apart from this, it would also provide proteins and vitamins to your body and so it is listed here.

ROTIS: Being staple Indian food, Rotis would provide you a great number of carbohydrates which is highly needed for your body’s high energy. Often, rotis are made up of wheat which should come under the healthy list. Even multigrain atta could also be used for its fiber content and that’s why it is a healthy food option.

PANEER: Otherwise known as cottage cheese in many places, paneer could be one of the healthiest Indian foods which should be recognized. Packed with protein and calcium, it could be the best part of your diet to get instilled with amazing benefits for your body.

RAJMA CURRY: Comes from a beans family, Rajma is filled with a great amount of proteins and fiber content which would be highly healthy for your body. When it is prepared in a delectable way, it would be satiating your taste buds and provides essential nutrients as well.

BUTTERMILK: This liquid treat would not only satisfy your tummy but also be highly healthy. It is a healthy concoction of yogurt blended with water, salt, and cumin seeds powder. Low in fat and calorie content, buttermilk could be served best with chopped leaves to it. Never miss this healthy drink to include in your diet.

BROWN RICE: Brown rice is a healthier option than white rice as they are quite less in fat. So, cooked brown rice could be the best idea to have every day as it is one of the healthiest Indian foods.

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