How To Keep Children Amazingly Happy And Healthy During The Lockdown



Look after your kids and make them feel safe and peaceful!

Make them feel happy and healthy during the lockdown!

Due to the spread of pandemic diseases, schools are closed and people started working from home. When it comes to staying healthy, parents are seeking every possible way to keep their children healthy and occupied as well. If you are edgy about how to protect and nurture kids, then here are few ideas to deal with your anxiety.

KEEP THINGS IN ROUTINE: Sticking to a regular schedule is something important when you are at home. Make sure your kids are waking up, eating, and going to bed at regular times. Well, consistency and structure are two things that are calming during times of stress. When you say regular times, it is something that you follow during the school days. It might be helpful to go over it as a family every morning. When you set a timer, it would help your kids to know when the activities would begin or end. Having a regular reminder would help you to transmit from one thing to the next thing.

GO FOR CREATIVE ACTIVITIES AND EXERCISES: By incorporating new activities, it would help you to build the excitement and fun in the family. Incorporating new things would include doing a puzzle or having family game time in the evening. When a family is involved in a new activity, it would give a better feel and happiness. Cooking as a family would be more fun and building up a healthy family by doing some exercises would be good. Or practicing yoga would ensure you are staying active and healthy anyway.

STAY VIRTUALLY CONNECTED: Even when you only able to call or text your friends and relatives, just do it hopefully. This is because socializing plays an important role in regulating your mood and helping you to stay happy. Allow your kids to use social media as per the limits and to stay connected even they would never do it before. This is because communication could help your kids feel less alone and relieves the stress which comes from staying away from friends. So, technology would help your kids to stay connected with friends and relatives.

TELL THE KIDS AND MAKE IT SIMPLE: It is important to talk to your children clearly and reasonably about what is going on as it would help them to understand better as per the experts. You might have seen kids asking questions to their parents or grandparents to get a satisfying answer. So, it is good to talk to them clearly and not vaguely without any reason which would worry them a lot.

ENSURE TO CHECK THE LITTLE KIDS: Young kids would never get the facts of the situation which is actually going on. But they might still feel helpless by the changes in the routine or accept the fact that people around them are worried and upset. So, it is highly important to check with younger children and provide them the chance to overcome any worries they might be going through. Make a calm and undistracted time and ask them how they are feeling actually and make sure to comfort and calm them.

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