Innovative Ideas To Drape A Saree In The Most Stylish Way For A Chic Look



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Saree is a symbol of our Indian tradition and it is one of those unique characteristic clothing of India with global recognition. The History of Indian Saree began way back from the ancient times of Indus valley civilization. This tradition has been passed on to the current generation successfully from our great grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers.

In today’s fast-paced modern world there are many women who still want to carry on the legacy of our family queens, but they think it’s time-consuming to drape a Saree. Has it ever happened to you that you had to wear a Saree for a wedding or a festival, and you felt so uncomfortable wearing it, that you decided to stay immobile? This usually happens, when you’re not used to wearing Sarees that often, and carrying yourself in one seems like a herculean task.

Don’t worry Ladies! In this article, we present to you the simplest ways in which you can make your experience of wearing a Saree exceptionally comfortable. It is easier than you think to drape yourself in 6yards of beautiful fabric and look stunning. So let’s ‘Reinvent the Saree draping!’

Style # 1: The Saree-Pant Modern Fusion

Have you heard of Tussar sarees? Tussars are made from silk and it is quite manageable as it is very soft with natural fibers in it. It absorbs moisture from your body and they are very beautifully designed giving you a sophisticated look.

The Inside story – Ditch the regular in-skirt and get a pair of leggings out. The Saree draping style is all about looking elegant. Revamp you Saree look with a pair of leggings which would make walking around seem like a cakewalk. To avoid the tormenting marks on your waistline, due to tightened in-skirt/petticoat, opt for leggings which is always better.

The Top Secret – Opt for a Crop top replacing the normal Indian blouse. A crop top is a short/long-sleeved garment cut short to reveal the stomach, which looks similar to a blouse. Pairing this with a Tusaar Saree would be a modern fashion fusion.

The Belted Waist – Cinch and define your waist with a high waist belt. It’s an underrated accessory that can truly change the vibe of your fusion outfit.

The Sole Mate – Pumps are classic, they look super stylish and every girl should own at least a pair. You’ll see how a timeless set of Red pumps will quickly become your freedom to move around, effortlessly combined with a Red crop top along with the Black Tussar Saree for any social gatherings. One important tip to note here is to wear your heels before you start wearing a Saree as you would be aware of the length you should keep at the bottom. This Pump style looks extra chic in combination with the leggings and the Saree, as an overall look.

Hair-do: The best way is to keep it simple instead of the regular braid and bun styles. Opt for a simple hair look. A sleek low ponytail or a curly pony-tail will be perfect for your new fusion. Serve up with those serious looks with this hairstyle.


# Make-up – Applying kohl on both upper and lower lash lines guarantees you a younger look. A perfect red lipstick will be a fire, complementing your appearance.

# Bindi – You need to focus on it as it has a super effect on the style quotient when you wear a Saree. Go for a small/medium-sized round Red Bindi to complement your style and flatter your personality to the hilt. You can opt-out if you don’t want to wear one considering it’s a fusion style.

# Earrings – Long tassel earrings would be the very best part of this fusion combo and it’s unique. As a finishing element, it’s got a lot of attitude. It is attention-seeking and eye-catching like a continuous fountain. It ends, but it doesn’t.

A final word of caution: Ideally, don’t carry anything in your hands. Keep your hands free of any bags, purses or clutches, for the saree in itself is a whole-time job.

The right FASHION Statements always boost your confidence, transform your look, and make heads turn as soon as you enter the room. You can be sure; the world of fashion will have you covered with this Saree-Pant Modern Fusion. Both, Black & Red combination and the Mustard yellow combination does wonders for the beautiful you.

The urge to adorn is the impulse of creativity. Go ahead and present your Bold and Stunning fashion statements combined with breathtaking beautiful looks to the world.

Author: Meganathan.G

# Photography – Rejoy Krishnan
# Stylist – Vasumathy Balakrishnan
# Makeup – Annadurai
# Hair – Pavithra
# Models – Aishwarya Muthushivam, Chandhana Raj
# Creative Head – Abhishek Karthik
# Studio – Rejoice Photoworks
# Costume courtesy – Shringaram Sarees, Mylapore
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