Learning and patient education platform Medtalks.in in witnesses 10000% growth

  • The platform has also recorded over 15 lakh plus visitors in the last few months
  • Over 20 million people across the platform and social media channels have already been sensitized on the various aspects of Covid-19, dispelling anxiety and fear 

Medtalks.in, a leading healthcare Learning and Patient Education Platform, has witnessed a 10000% growth in numbers over the last 6 months. The platform has also received over 15 lakh plus views over the last few months.

Along with Padma Shri Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal, President, HCFI and CMAAO, Medtalks.in has become the one-stop-shop for people in terms of queries around Covid-19 and countering their fear and anxiety. It is the first such initiative in India dedicated to the greater good of simplifying and spreading medical awareness among the public.

Apart from bridging the gap between doctors and patients, Medtalks.in also focuses on another key area: Continuing Medical Education. The tech-driven platform offers CME and CPD courses online which has trained over 100,000 Health Care Professionals over the last 6 months. Medtalks.in also has an ever-expanding video bank (3000 plus videos already) through which renowned medical professionals answer basic health-related queries of patients.

Speaking about this, Nilesh Aggarwal, Director and CEO, Medtalks.in, said, “We are extremely happy to see that more and more people are following our platform, which aims to be the one-point source of medical and health information for both doctors and the public, alike. In uncertain times like these, people are looking for a trustworthy and credible source of information that they can access to dispel their doubts and fears. Medtalks.in aims to be just that and more.”

Adding further, Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal, President HCFI and CMAAO, Editor-in-Chief Medtalks.in & IJCP Group, said, “We have always worked towards ensuring that when it comes to health, only the right and accurate information goes out. Medtalks.in is a platform that set out to do just that. We have also been regularly conducting what is known as Medtalks.in with Dr K K Aggarwal, which is a series of videos on various aspects concerning Covid-19. I am happy to say that we have recorded a surge in the engagement and more people are joining our journey by the day. We have already reached out to over 20 million people in the last few months.”

As per reports by RedSeer, out-patient medical services in India are struggling under the growing pressure, and e-health is the most appropriate solution in the months to come. Platforms like Medtalks.in have helped reach out to millions of people during the pandemic with the right information and advice. The comprehensive digital platform helps provide expert answers to patient queries from highly qualified and reputed doctors across India.

For your reference, Medtalks.in is a leading education platform for all healthcare stakeholders including doctors, patients, allied healthcare workers and others. For healthcare professionals, it provides hundreds of courses for continuous professional development and for patients, it provides over 2500 patient education questions answered by the leading doctors in the country. Medtalks also provides regular webinars on the trending healthcare topics.

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