Lemon Water – Vitality Booster


Normal water is the best drink for the human body.

Drinking water regularly between 30 minutes would prevent many health issues in the human body. Generally, people would suggest drinking water in the morning in an empty stomach which is really good for the body. Drinking water is essential to the human body and so it would expose the freshness in the face. In the same manner, it is highly preferable to add lemon to the water and intake of lemon water in the morning would avert your body from many risks. Practice drinking lime water every single day of your life!

Drinking lemon water in the morning enhances hydration and energy. It is rich in Vitamin C and it retains the fresh skin. Vitamin C found in the lemon fruit avert your skin from ageing and damage from the sun. It may also help to reduce the wrinkles in the skin. It also helps constipation and drinking warm or hot lemon water would help the digestive system to work in the morning. It is the common drink which everyone prefers to take a drink during the summer. Let us follow the perfect time for the intake of lemon water in the morning. Going healthy will ensure your better life!

The sour lemon water helps to revitalize your “Agni.” In ayurvedic, it is a strong jump to start to the digestive system that allows you to digest food more easily. It also helps in preventing stones in Kidney and the citrate in the lemon water would help you to flush out the stone.

By inducing more flavor to lemon water, you will get more good energies in your body. You can add mint leaves, honey, fresh ginger or salt to the lemon water that would build a healthy body. Children would like to drink lemon juice and so it will be essential if the parents make them drink early in the morning instead of tea or coffee. Or you could make the children drink along with the breakfast it will help the body as well. Natural drinks are far better than other iron tonics out there.

Wake up earlier, Drink lemon water and enjoy the fitness!

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