Lotus Root: 6 Phenomenal Beauty Benefits of You Should Know About


India’s national flower Lotus is naturally beautiful with its vibrant whitish pink color. And yes, we are talking about the Lotus flower it is not only the national flower of our country but also the national flower of Vietnam. It is well known that lotus is associated with religious, and cultural significance in different parts of Asian cultures. While lotus is used both religious and cultural wise, it could be astounding for you to know about the beauty benefits of lotus roots. So, let’s learn about the few beauty benefits of lotus roots.

AVERTS ACNE BREAKOUTS: Most people would be worried about your oily skin which makes their appearance to be dull enough. But then the lotus’ external use could be helpful in balancing your oily skin as well as averting acne and pimple breakouts. However, lotus oil is used in aromatherapy to get rid of stress and anxiety as it provides relaxation.

USED AS A MOISTURIZING AGENT: The intense properties of hydration and moisturization of the magical flower would be helpful in improving the skin elasticity and complexion. Additionally, it would fade away the fine lines and brown spots, and wrinkles as well.

HELPS IN HEALING FLAKY AND DRY SKIN: Did you know lotus is used as one of the main ingredients in many cosmetic and skincare products? Well, the flower provides instant hydration to the skin naturally and thus it could be helpful in getting rid of flaky and dry skin. This is because of the use of natural herbal hydration which results in a better glow for the skin.

HELPS IN CONDITIONING THE HAIR: Did you know there are many conditioners that incorporate the extracts of this captivating flower? Well, if you wish to nourish your hair by conditioning, then you have to offer your hair the natural shine and removes split ends as well. Also, when your hair is conditioned naturally, it would shine and smoothen differently.

AVERTS PREMATURE GRAYING: The haunting effect of premature white or grey hair chases you now and then. But then, here is one such heroic ingredient which would be helpful in treating and preventing premature gray hair. By using lotus essential oil, it would be helpful in stimulating melanin synthesis in gray hair which in turn provides the pigmentation that provides hair the natural color as per the researches. This is how Lou’s essential oil is helpful in preventing the chance of gray hair.

PROVIDES VOLUME AND ADDS NATURAL SHINE: The country’s national flower is helpful in improving the volume, strength, and elasticity of brittle or frizzy hair. So, if you are worrying about dull or limp hair, then all you have to do is to use the extract for better health if your mane.

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