‘Men buy pads’, highlights Raho Safe’s recent father-daughter video


The video has garnered a lot of attention across various platforms and breaks the taboo around pad buying as a women-only thing

Raho Safe, the sister concern of India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, Pee Safe, recently launched a video showing how men are buying pads for the women in their life– including daughters. The video has received a tremendous response across various platforms considering how it evokes the transition from ‘Men Can Buy Pads’ to ‘Men Buying Pads’.

The video which has already garnered 500k views, shows a father choosing gifts for his daughter without realizing she has grown up! Even as he selects everything from a piano to a teddy bear, he sees his daughter standing with a pack of Raho Safe sanitary pads. The premise of the video is built around normalizing the buying of sanitary pads by men and how they are like any other item in a family’s shopping list.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Raho Safe, said, “It is a normal practice for me to buy sanitary pads for my wife. Neither am I ashamed to procure them nor do I hesitate to ask for them in a store. Young girls and women are the future and it is as much the responsibility of fathers as it is of mothers to ensure they have a hygienic and safe environment to realize their goals. Raho Safe sanitary pads are not only high quality but also affordable. I care about the women around me and it is time that other men do too in more ways than one.”

Despite addressing the taboo against menstruation through various campaigns and initiatives, many girls and women continue to lack access to sanitary pads in India. This can have ripple effects on many aspects of life. Through this heart-touching video, Raho Safe aims to highlight the importance of making available sustainable sanitary pads as also remove the mental block around men buying pads.

The Raho Safe Sanitary Pads are designed with five-layer protection ensuring a rash-free, leak-proof experience. The pad provides optimum coverage of 240 mm, giving the user full access to comfort for the whole day and a floral fragrance to avoid unpleasant odor. The pads also come with biodegradable disposable bags and are the most economical choice for menstrual hygiene. Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassador for the range.

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