Onam Sadhya, 26 Delicious Dishes Served & Celebrated With


Palatable Sadhya Dishes that Malayalis Celebrate Onam With!

The 10-day harvest festival of Kerala is celebrated by Malayalis all over the world. Along with lively Pookolams, payasam, Sadhya, and Kaikotti kali, this ecstasy filled day is packed with loads of food to eat. So, when it comes to food, it should be a grand Sadhya or feast. This particular delectable food of Sadhya is traditionally comprising of 26 or more vegetarian dishes and most importantly it is served on a banana leaf. The entire gathering is served only one dish at a time, starting with salt, Upperi and Shakara varatti which are followed by all the other dishes, rice and ending with payasam. This is the day when Keralites completely indulged in their love for meat which is essentially healthy for your body. Let’s check out the succulent dishes to be served on the festival day.

SHAKARA VARATTI: This is nothing but the sweeter intake of banana chips that are made using jaggery. This is hard to eat yet the sweetness will leave your taste buds in want for it.

UPPPERI: None can resist the taste of banana chips as it becomes almost everyone’s favorite. This is followed by 25 dishes, where you could enjoy every chip until the dishes are served one by one.

MANGA CURRY: It is the plain old mango pickle and it is just added in the list to offer a tangy taste of some great spices.

PULISERRY: This is completely made with curd and the choice of vegetables will be ranging from pumpkin to cucumber are added as ingredients topped with a flavor of grated coconut.

KAALAN: Kaalan is considered to be a signature dish made with yogurt, yam or raw banana or of course with our favorite grated coconut which is used almost in everything.

NARANGA CURRY: Pickles are served in two types in Onam Sadhya and this is nothing but sour lemon pickle which is added some varied taste to your buds.

ELLISHERI:  Yaay! It is the yummy dish that is made with pumpkin, red beans and also with grated coconut.

OLAN: This dish is made of ash gourd and red beans that are speckled with an amount of hand-pressed flavored coconut milk.

PACHADI: This is a deliciously prepared yogurt-based curry that is made with either pineapple or bitter gourd and definitely with grated coconut.

CHENA MEZHKKUPURATTI: You can’t say no to this dish! This is the Yam cut into thin slices, boiled with spices and also fried in coconut oil.

INJI CURRY: This is ‘the must-have’ dish for Onam. Inji curry is the mixture of ginger, tamarind, and jaggery and in most Malayali households, this is the first dish that is served during the 10 day festival of Onam.

PARRIPU CURRY: Plain old moong dal which is topped with chilies, black sesame seeds and also topped with ghee.

CHORU: And the name itself says it is rice. But on Onam, the Malayalis serve red rice and you can taste this kind of rice which provides different taste and health.

SAMBHAR: Sambhar is an indispensable dish of Onam Sadhya. It is prepared with every other vegetable from beans to potatoes and thus it becomes wonderful to eat.

MOOR KACHIYATHA: Yogurt boiled with the black sesame seeds, shallots, ginger, and garlic. This is one of the healthy, comfortable foods you love to eat.

PAPPADAM: The dishes offered will be incomplete without pappads. The old pappads made with rice flour will be the best.

AVIAL: This is nothing but the dish which is made of mixed vegetables along with the grated coconut and in coconut oil and milk. Yet this is one tasty dish you will love to have every time.

RASAM: The spicy tamarind soup which is sprinkled with curry leaves and tomatoes. You can drink this one at the end of digestion or you can add it with rice.

KOOTU CURRY: The dish is made of raw bananas and black chana with grated coconut. Shockingly, you will never know that it is a raw banana because it is well-cooked.

KICHADI: Spicy yogurt with vegetables of your choice. It can be either okra or cucumber or even bitter gourd. You can add it to your rice or parippu and you can feel the finger-licking taste.

INJI THAYIR: This dish is made of loads of thinly – sliced ginger that are mixed with yogurt, black sesame seeds, and spices.

NEYY: This is nothing but ghee and is served as an essential because you can add it to the top of the rice or parippu which gives you an amazing taste.

THORAN: It can be made of any vegetables but it is usually made with cabbage or carrots or just beans along with grated with coconut. This is the perfect dish to go with Morru Kachiyatha.

POOVAN PAZHAM: Banana’s smaller version, Poovan Pazham can be added with the payasam and also with pappadam which together makes the delicious ending of payasam.

PALADA PRADHAMAN: This is the last dish which is also the sweet dish that is made of milk, healthy dry fruits, and rice ada.

PAZHAM PRADHAMAN: And finally, this particular sweet dish is made of rice ada, cashew nuts, thinly sliced coconut pieces, and jaggery. And if you really wanna fulfilled festive meal, then go with POOVAN PAZHAM, which provides better scrumptious taste.

As of now, we all know the list of mouth-watering and delicious Onam Sadhya dishes. Let’s celebrate the festival with food feast and Let’s begin the feast starting from upperi to pazham pradhaman!

Happy Palatable Onam!

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