Sinus Infection: 4 Quick Home Remedies For Effective Treatment



  • Consume soothing liquids and relieve your sinus irritation and pain!
  • Treat your sinus infection by staying at home!

Often, a sinus infection has been mistaken as the common cold as it has the same symptoms of the common cold due to weather change and seasonal shifts. Well, sinus symptoms would go for 10 to 12 days or for a week longer. However, a sinus infection is caused while the sinus air cavities get filled due to exposure to cold, smoke, or any other bacterial infections. And the clogging could lead to nose, throat, and pressure on the eyes and forehead. Medically tested, doctors would prescribe some antibiotics and other medications for comforting you from the pain as well as for alleviating the symptoms. But there are a few home remedies which you could incorporate for faster recovery. Treat yourself at home during this lockdown and ease your pain.

Well, it is important to adapt to a healthy diet and lifestyle which is highly helpful in lowering the sinus symptoms. People suffering from sinus infection are advised to avoid the consumption of ice cream and other dairy products such as yogurt and consuming chocolate and sugar as well. Even proper rest must be taken and exposure to cold and smoke must also be avoided. If possible try staying indoors and avoid traveling which involves a change in air pressure. So, here is a list of foods to alleviate the pain and irritation caused by sinus infections.

TURMERIC: Naturally, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which could be helpful in reducing the swelling in the cavity. It would also be helpful in decongesting the nose and throat as well. So, add turmeric and with ginger in your cup of tea and you would feel much better.

SOUP: A sip of warm soup would do magic to your sinus by alleviating the blockages. You could consume drink any soup which would be soothing enough to drink. The soup would be helpful in decongestion, provide immunity, and help you to stay hydrated and further helps in lowering the sinus pain and pressure.

HONEY: Honey with warm water is actually soothing, right? Well, consume a mixture of a spoon of honey mixed with lemon juice twice a day to soothe the throat and nasal cavity as well. However, warm water has the ability to attack the microbes and viruses and also helps in clearing the throat as well as the nasal cavity.

FLUIDS: Staying hydrated is essential as it comes to rescue with faster recovery. Meanwhile, water lubricates the mucus wall and skin and helps to drain the sinus deposition.  Not only water but drinking herbal tea or any other tea and juices which do not contain sugar could come for your rescue from pain.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult your own doctor or a specialist for more information. Lifeandtrendz does not claim responsibility for this information.

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