Sleep Talking – Reasons and How can you easily stop it?


Have you heard of sleep talking?

Why do people talk in their sleep and How can we cease this sleeping talking?

Do you want to know the answers for the above-mentioned questions? Let’s get the answers right here. Sleep talking is kind of habit you inhabit within you unknowingly. But you don’t really get know of it or being aware of it in truth. Most of the people often talk in their sleep but when they do come to know about the habit of sleeping, they would mostly be concerned about the words they have uttered during their sleep. Because it might be something which is embarrassing about themselves or something treasured for long term. But when the sleep talkers are unaware of it, the family members or friends or partners will inform them that they are doing it. It might be shocking news to the sleep talkers because they don’t really be aware of it. Still, scientists haven’t interrogated into the factor which causes sleep talking and which makes it controllable. But luckily, there are several methods that have been identified which make it more likely to occur and how to reduce the chances of being a sleep talker.

Reasons for Sleep talking:

Sleep Terrors: Sleep terrors can be seen commonly in children yet they can be associated with adults too. It is during the night terror, the person may seem likely to be awake and they just start to scream, yell, kick and thrash. Sometimes they even feel frightened about the vision they are having or seen in the dream or a hallucination. But the next morning, the person who felt the night terror might not recall what had happened.

Emotional Stress: Sleep talking may also cause due to irregular bedtime patterns and so it results in talking during unconsciousness state. It is just because your mind has been thinking about one particular issue and trying to find out the solution.

Sleep Deprivation: Not getting enough sleep may also pave the path for somniloquy which means talking to oneself in the sleep or sleep talking is named as somniloquy. Scientists have proved that people who aren’t resting enough at night can seemingly pass through the stages of slow-wave sleep. Thus, ending in sleep talking at night.

Excess intake of alcohol, fever, genetic, mental health disorder, poor metabolism and medications can also contribute the sleep talking at times.

How to STOP Sleep Talking:

Avoid Stress: We all know that life cannot be smooth at all times, it can be stressful at times. Some of us will know how to handle the stress but some may not know how to handle stress and thus, allow stress to handle us. This will lead to night terrors or somniloquy and so try to handle the stress and leave it outside your bedroom and then get a deep sleep as you can.

Build up Good Sleeping Habits: The essential way to get serene sleep at night is to develop good bedtime habits which are also known as sleep hygiene. This literally means getting enough sleep and going to bed and waking up every day at the same time. So, try to avoid using electronic devices and have a relaxing bedtime at night.

Own a Sleep Diary: By now, you will need the help of your partner or an app to record when you’ve been talking at night, the time when you’re going to bed and the time when you’re waking up from the bed. Note what makes you have a somniloquy and also note the food you have taken or drink which you have consumed that day and even any stressful incidents which pressing your mind. So, once you find a disturbance in your pattern, you can take a step to eliminate thoroughly from you.

These are the simple things that contribute to sleep talking and also some simple steps which can help you in eliminating sleep talking.

Eliminate somniloquy and enjoy a deep sleep!

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