Stop STANDING & Drinking Water. It’s Injurious To Your Health!


Reasons why you should not drink water while standing!

Drinking water while standing is unhealthy, why? We all know that drinking water is essential to our body and it is necessary for living. But we do have some healthy postures to drink water which might not affect our health in any way. So, what happens when you drink water while you are standing? Well, science has answers to the questions. Your body and tissues are completely in a state of tension while you are standing. This, in turn, leads the water to rapidly flow down to your body which disrupts the existing balance of fluids. Here is the list of disadvantages of drinking water while you are standing.

THIRSTINESS: If you drink water in a standing posture, it will never quench your thirst. So, it is highly suggested to sit and have some healthy sips of water to quench your thirstiness.

PAVES WAY TO INDIGESTION: As mentioned before, when you drink while standing, your body and muscles are in a constant state of tension. However, if you sit down, it keeps your body to be relaxed and allows the body to absorb the fluid much better along with other food items.

TRIGGERS NEGATIVE RESPONSES TO YOUR SYSTEM: While standing causes a lot of tension in the body and the muscles, your nervous system also remains to be in attention mode by turning your body to feel out of sync with nature.

LEADS TO HEARTBURN AND ULCERS: Standing posture will leave a lot of pressure on the esophagus when the water splashes and flows hard through it. At times, it causes damages to the sphincter, which is the joint between the stomach and the esophagus. Because of this, you may suffer from heartburn or a burning sensation due to the backward flowing of the stomach in the acids.

IMPACTS ON KIDNEY FUNCTIONS: One of the major impacts is that drinking water while standing will never allow your kidneys to properly filtrate the water. As a result, all the impurities tend to store in them and the bladder. This can also cause urinary tract disorders and it may even lead to the kidneys suffering from permanent damage in a serious manner.

WATER ON THE STOMACH WALLS: So while you are drinking water in standing posture, the water flows down and splashes on the stomach walls causing some erosion. This rushing water can cause damage to the digestive system. Further, it may also harm your stomach wall and gastrointestinal tract.

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