That’s News! PM Narendra Modi’s Tea Stall To Become A Tourist Spot



Did you know where our now Prime Minister once sold tea?

What it would be like when you wish to know the past history of a personality who is revamping India now?

A tea stall soon to be converted into a tourist spot.

We do know that the present Prime Minister of India is once a simple tea seller who later paved his way honorably into reshaping India. He has now won the hearts of Indians and so he turned out to be the Prime Minister for the second time. With duly works, he has been reforming India as a better country by all possible means.

Aside, we wish to know the background essence of Prime Minister of India and the history waiting behind. So, now we acknowledged that PM sold tea in the past but we do not have any clue about the exact spot or the place, where he sold. Too many questions might have flashed your mind but we do have answers now. Of course, we all wish to know the history behind and after all, it is our historically bottled past that manifests our achievements in life.

Well! The tea stall, where India’s present Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to sell is situated at Vadnagar in Gujarat. And what’s more interesting is that you could spot the tea stall sooner as a tourist spot. Recently, The Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Prahlad Singh Patel, took a tour to the spot and the past essence of the tea stall remains alive in front of him.

It was on this tour, he came up with a decision that they would maintain and preserve the true crux of the tea stall after transmuting it into a tourist spot. In order to protect the stall, they took a brilliant decision to sheathe it with glass cover. And to offer the true ethos of the tea stall, they decided not to alter or change the form and not to have any change on the condition of the tea stall further.

Yet to be a tourist spot would offer the truly past essence of the PM’s life sooner.

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