The colour of your urine says a lot about your health


Do you know what the color of your urine means?

Generally, we all know that the color of the urine is yellow or light yellow. But we are not aware of the other colors and what it indicates in particular. Do you know that the standard color of your urine is “urochrome”? Yes! It is referred by the doctors so. And you very well know that urine naturally contains the yellow pigment. Each time you stay hydrated, your urine will be a slight yellow in color or close-to-clear color. What if you stay dehydrated? You will start to notice your urine turning into a deep amber or light brown color. The reason is also because of the varied types of food and medications you take can contribute to the color of the urine. At times, the color of your urine may indicate the health state of you which you need to get attention too! Let’s observe some colors of the urine and their stipulation in particular.

CLEAR: Drinking water is good for your body but what if you drink more water than the daily recommended amount? It may rob all the electrolytes of your body which is not good though! However, the clear color of your urine indicates you are drinking more water. When it occurs occasionally as clear, it has no reason to bother but when it occurs often, you should have to take some steps to consume and limit within the recommended amount of water.

ORANGE: If you witness your urine in orange color, it could show the symptom of dehydration. And if you found your urine containing orange color along with the light-colored stools, then it may lead to bile into your bloodstream as a result of the issues in your bile ducts or liver. However, jaundice may also cause orange urine.

DARK BROWN: Often, the dark brown color of the urine indicates dehydration. It may also cause due to the intake of certain medications. Meanwhile, eating huge amounts of rhubarb, aloe, or fava beans also leads to the dark brown color of the urine. Yet you have to bother about the dark brown color of the urine because it may be the indicator of liver disease. So, you should be cautious about the color of the urine.

CLOUDY: You could have rarely come across the cloudy type of urine. People may not have heard about this particular color of the urine. Yet the cloudy color of the urine may be the indication of a urinary tract infection. And it may further be the symptoms of some chronic diseases and kidney conditions. It may also occur with foam and bubbles which may lead to serious health issues.

BLUE AND GREEN: How weird is to hear about the blue or green color of the urine! Blue or green urine can naturally be caused by food consumption in particular colors. Additionally, it can also be the result of dyes used in the medical tests that are performed on the kidneys or bladders. Blue is generally connected to the intake of your diet and it is a very rare case.

And yes! We could have heard about the urine tests in the hospital and it is just to indicate or specify the disease you are suffering from and nothing else. This is the reason why doctors suggest us to take a urine test at times. You should consult the doctor immediately when you witness the slight red or pink or orange in your urine because it may lead to serious health issues.

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