The Pizza Spice’s 5 Super Amazing Health Benefits: Oregano


Oregano is popularly known ingredient to be flavored on pizza or pasta to make it more attractively luscious to eat. Being a palatable herb, it could be helpful in adding extra tastiness. So, you could have it in a fresh, dried, and in the oil form. Though it is a culinary herb, Oregano is also essentially known for its medicinal properties. This in turn would proffer you several health benefits from boosting immunity to building bones. So, let’s check out the various health benefits of Oregano.

ENHANCES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Believe it or not, Oregano contains 42 times more antioxidant properties than apples as per the studies. This is because of the presence of vitamins A and C. When you add fresh oregano leaves or oil to your daily diet, it would boost up the immunity naturally than many other fruits, berries, cereals, and veggies.

MAINTAINS GOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Well, this medicinal herb is helpful in managing type-1 diabetes. According to studies, Oregano’s extract is helpful in developing hyperglycemia thereby lowering pro-inflammatory macrophage response. It could be thus helpful in maintaining a good blood sugar level.

DEVELOPS BONE HEALTH: Bone health is essential for our entire body as it would be helpful in indulging many actions. But the health of the bone gets poor when you start aging. Rich in calcium, iron, and manganese, Oregano is highly important for your bones’ health. Since it is rich in vitamin D, it could prevent and treat osteoporosis or arthritis.

HELPS IN DIGESTION: The naturally yummy herb is loaded with a good amount of fiber, and it might thus help in boosting up our digestive system. It would then add bulk to the stools, and triggers peristaltic motion (in which the food moves through the digestive tract and excretes it). Meanwhile, the soluble fibers in the herb would control your sugar levels and the insoluble fiber is responsible for maintaining the function of the gastric system.

COMBATS VIRAL INFECTION: While Oregano is helpful in fighting against bacteria, it could also be helpful in protecting the body against viruses. This due to the presence of two compounds in the herb called carvacrol and thymol that have been associated with antiviral properties. So, treat yourself with oregano in any form.

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