Top 5 Hanging Bridges In India You Must Visit Once In Your Life!


Top 5 Hanging Bridges in India you must try to explore!

How about walking on the scary hanging bridges which are stupendously beautiful as well? Let’s just forget about Bungy jumping, sky diving, and paragliding and just think you were walking on a hanging scary bridge from one end to another end. Have an adrenaline rush experience by checking out the top 5 scary hanging bridges of India. There are many hanging bridges in India and amongst them, some may be really lengthy, scary and even shaky at times. Some bridges in India may run over the rushing and bustling water bodies which will instill little scariness within us. At times, it may cause shivering and spine-chilling while crossing the bridge. Now, peer into some scary hanging bridges to experience the exhilarating feel while crossing them which are equally beautiful to admire as well.

DIBANG VALLEY, ARUNACHAL PRADESH: Dibang valley is an entirely green atmosphere that inhabits a serene scene. The greeny environment completely engulfed with the sound and rhythm of the water. And here is where the Cane hanging bridge finds out to be tangling in the natural air over the Dri river. And the river is found running between the upper Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. It is exquisitely built and also quite scary to walk in the bridge.

LOLEYGAON, DARJEELING: Canopy walk – The entrance of this hanging bridge is literally a heavenly way to the serene paradise but still it looks as scary as it looks beautiful. The other end of the bridge leads to the dense forest in which it’s the thick forest and silence itself makes us feel scared. Yet many people really want to have a thrilling experience of crossing the bridge which is a little fragile.

THIMMANKUDRU BRIDGE OF TONSE, KARNATAKA: The Thimmankudru suspension bridge of Tonse in Karnataka which is hanging with the support of ropes are not too thick, but run over water. A lot of people ride over and have a pleasant walk on them. It is scarier for the visitors to cross the bridge yet it is the daily routine walk for the native people.

LOHIT RIVER, ARUNACHAL PRADESH: The bridge which is laid over the Lohit river in Arunachal Pradesh thus connects the villages Kibithu and Kahoo. The ambiance looks quite blissful yet gives a spine-chilling walk experience when you try on it. It is literally scary because it is hanging at a certain height above the rushing water of the river.

THENMALA SWAY BRIDGE, KERALA: The sway bridge of Thenmala is encircled by the green environment. As we all know that Thenmala is a beautiful hill station in Kerala and it offers much thrilling trekking and awe-struck exploration. Though the bridge looks sturdy, it sways a little bit when we walk over it, this makes you feel scared.

Have you guys ever had an experience of crossing a scary hanging bridge? If not, try all these top 5 scary bridges and bring out your experience in words. And it is worthy to have adrenaline rushed feel at these scary tangling bridges.

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