Top Benefits of Feni: Goan Delight

Without having a sip of Feni drink, we say your Goa trip is incomplete. Feni is the most popular Indian alcoholic beverage which is especially from Goa. Not only does Goa is known for its distinct cuisine and ambience but also for the award-winning country liquor – Feni. The word “Feni” was emerged from “Phena”, a Sanskrit word which directly means froth. Like many other things, Goa is indebted to Portuguese for this distinct drink. The land of beaches has been producing this country liquor for over 400 years with blend of Portuguese touch. Still wondering what makes it unique? It is the distinct smell of the drink that can be identified from any distance. When it comes to Goan Feni, it has a long life on your drink shelf. If asking about the types available, Feni offers them too. Coconut Feni and Cashew Feni which are most popular in Goa. The former is a pure Indian type and the latter is an exotic one. So, no wonder if your friends wish to purchase one for them when returning from Goa.

There are several things to do in Goa and sipping Feni drink is one of the things to do as well. It is usually mixed with soda, cola and lemon juice. It is best relished with scrumptious Goan seafoods. Overall, Feni drink has been contributing its part to the traditional Goan food culture. However, there are some health benefits of Feni which you may love to know.

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Benefits of Feni:

As mentioned, Feni is recognizable for its health benefits too. Feni’s medicinal properties come as unique as it is. Some of the health benefits are as follow.

An Advantage for Respiratory System:

Drinking Feni can be helpful in detoxifying the body and respiratory system as well. It can also cure cough and cold.

Helps in Tooth Problems:

Feni with its medicinal properties, is helpful in enhancing the tooth naturally. It helps in aiding tooth problems including swelling and gum problems. It can also be supportive in easing mouth ulcer.

Regulates the Bowel Movement:

Feni, in general, goes on cleansing the body. It can thus be helpful in irregular bowel movement thereby regulating it. Drinking it can cure other health issues such as diarrhea, and constipation.

Cures Wounds:

The presence of antiseptic properties in this Goan traditional drink can be helpful in curing wounds and cuts. It can be a fast recovery though.

Reduces Fat:

Feni is a staple drink in every Goan household. The local people believe that having Feni along with dishes may help reduce fat from the body. It can aid low blood pressure as well.

As of now, it is keen how essential Feni has been in the Goan food culture. And you should never miss relishing the delightful drink when you are vibing in Goa next time.

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