6 Famous Goan Foods You Should Taste

Goa tops every gang’s dream travel bucket list. When it is Goa, seafood tops your food list. Trying out new foods that are popular is more exciting, isn’t it? Well, due to the influence of the Portuguese, the Goan ambience is entirely different. Ranging from architecture to food menu, Goa has a wide variety with incredible touch. When deciding to explore the place, it definitely means exploring its local foods that are popular. In this case, Goan cuisine stands out to offer unique delish to your tastebuds. More than a food guide, we are imparting you some famous Goan foods you should when you are in the land of beaches. Before knowing the foods, you should know the essential ingredients of Goan cuisine – coconut, coconut vinegar, cashews, Kokum (Mangosteen fruit), Recheado Masala (Red Goan spice mix), Tamarind, Teflam seeds and Jaggery. And now, make a note of the following famous Goan foods to relish.

Goan Fish Thali:

None can ditch the idea of trying a Fish Thali in Goa. The wholesome plate of Special Goan Fish Thali includes a cup of rice, a staple Goan fish curry (a decent-sized pomfret with tangy and spicy touch), crab masala with a touch of coconut, beans, sol kadi and salad. The aroma of each dish on the plate makes you fall for it before having a handful of it. So, A Goan Fish Thali is always what you wish to taste immediately when you land there. And that’s why it tops our list too!

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Traditional Vindaloo:

Vindaloo is the traditional recipe of Goa. It originated with a blend of influences including Portuguese, Goan and British. Originally, Vindaloo is a different version of a Portuguese-based dish called carne de vinha d’alhos which directly means “meat in garlic wine marinade”. It was later Indianised through the use of palm vinegar instead of wine back in the 1800s. The dish is traditionally prepared using pork or beef. Chicken is also added to this line of main ingredients now. This spicy and tangy blend of the dish is due to other ingredients such as garlic, red chillies and ginger. It can taste well with chapatis, Naan bread, and rice. Goan Vindaloo is served traditionally during Christmas, New Year and Easter as well. How about planning a trip to Goa this December?

Fish Recheado:

Fish Recheado

As you may have spelt what Recheado in Goan Cuisine, you can get the exact picture of this famous seafood delight. Known to be yet another Portuguese-influenced dish, the Portuguese word ‘Recheado’ translates into ‘stuffed’. This Goan dish incorporates pomfret stuffed with spicy and tangy masala and onions. You can also go for mackerel instead of pomfret. It is best served with Goan bread.


Breakfast or brunch? Why not Sanna? Sanna is your idlis or steamed rice cakes. It is best served with palatable curries or chicken sukka or traditional vindaloo. Alternatively, sweet Sana is also prepared using unrefined palm or cane sugar. Never miss the spongy rice cakes the next time.


Otherwise known as sarapatel, Sorpotel is also one of the famous Goan foods. Originally, “Soro” is a Konkani word which means alcohol or liquor. The main ingredients used in the dish are pork or beef or mutton liver. The dish is made distinct because the fat is fried whereas the meat is parboiled. To spice it up, the other ingredients including onions, garlic and masala are added. It can be your go-to as it is available at any time of the day.



We have finally come to the end of the list. Bebinca is a multi-layered cake and is a famous dessert of Goa. The ingredients that do the magic in making the dessert are coconut milk, caramelised sugar, eggs and flour. The next time you are in Goa, Bebinca must be your finishing touch.

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