Trivector Biomed LLP introduces Embryo Safe and Embryo Shield – Inline Filter, Top of the line IVF Solutions to the India Healthcare System


Trivector Biomed LLP, a pioneer in the field of Assisted Reproduction, has many firsts to its credit. Besides being the first company to establish IVF labs in India, they have now introduced the top of line IVF solutions to the Indian healthcare system from IVF Prime, a leading Turkish brand.IVF Prime has been producing high-quality ​​products with respect to the needs of the IVF sector. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of IVF procedures has come down drastically because of the disruption caused by the virus. Needless to say, IVF laboratories are required to keep their premises in the most hygienic way possible resulting in successful IVF procedures being carried out.

The complexity that comes with IVF treatments demand products that assist healthcare professionals to ensure every step and action taken in the overall process doesn’t compromise on safety and hygienic. The solutions from IVF Prime i.e. Embryo Safe and Embryo Shield – inline Filter, enable IVF laboratories to create an atmosphere that is clean and hygiene enhancing success rate in the IVF process. Under Embryo Safe, there comes a unique solution called Surface Disinfectant that can be used in IVF and Andrology laboratories, operating rooms. Not just that, even for disinfection of floor and surface disinfection is achieved in 30 seconds and mechanical sterilization is achieved in 5 minutes.

This product is developed by taking into account how important it is to have realistic solutions that provide accurate results as part of the entire IVF process. It is non-alcohol, non-ammonia, non-citrus based, and is odorless and non-corrosive. It uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) which is a natural compound that is present in the human body’s immune defense system. It gives quick sterilization of all types of surfaces without a need for rinsing or wiping.

Under the EmbryoShield – inline filter, the Company has introduced a solution to improve the poor quality of gases entering into the culture Incubators from the cylinders. It is an inline filter having a 0.10 micron ULPA (HEPA) filter and six times more surface area than an activated carbon filter to remove all the impurities from the gas cylinder and provide the cleanest gas to the incubators where the embryos are formed in the lab.

Researches carried out by the entities of the universities that focus on air pollution has proved that 85% of the particles in the environment are smaller than 0.30 microns. Particles accompany CO2/N2, while tubes are being filled. Since the other inline filters have 0.30-micron HEPA pinholes, 85% of the particles are excluded to reach embryos which result in contamination. But this FDA approved 0.10-micron HEPA filter by IVF Prime eliminates all of the particles and provides the sterilization of CO2/N2 gas.

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