The Visa granting God! The top pilgrimage destination for aspiring US Visa candidates. Visit the temple, worship God and receive the Visa!

No Hundial boxes or donation boxes in the temple.

Devotionally, people use to pray to God for a happy cherishing life. People might ask God to grant their wishes in life by performing rituals or praising God during worship. Meanwhile, here is a unique form of the temple named Balaji Temple in Chilkur. Famously known as ‘Visa Balaji’ temple and has been worshipped by numerous people all over the world. The deity over here is Lord Venkateswara and the temple is being situated amidst the serene place with lush green ambiance. However, Most of the Indians aspire to visit the USA and are in the skeptical path of receiving the Visa. Most of them might have abandoned their dream to visit the USA or to work in the USA because of the cancellation of Visa. What if Lord Venkateswara blesses you with Visa the next day? Believe it or not, it happens here in the Balaji temple as the name of the temple itself ‘Visa Balaji Temple’.

The temple is situated just 45 minutes away from Hyderabad and it is spiritually located near the banks of Osman Sagar Lake. Being an ancient temple in India, it has been visited by lots of aspirants. It is said that back in the 1980s, few students who faced rejection at the Chennai US visa consulate came here and worshipped and their wishes were fulfilled. Since this incident, the temple has been known for the reputation of granting the elite American Visa. It is mystical right? However, the visa aspirant completes the usual ritual of prayer where he or she must take three rounds of Pradakshina, which means walking circles around the temple and then they should make a vow that they would visit the temple after receiving the visa and make 108 rounds.  This would expose the gratitude to the Visa God. Devotees throng here as Hyderabad is a highly developed professional city where people would wish to go abroad for their job or studies.

Surprisingly, the city has numerous applicants for a US visa and to their blessing, the temple is situated near Hyderabad. It is so mysterious to believe it, right?  But once you visit the temple your perspectives would change. This temple is literally a wonder and jaw-dropping one and is a true example that people still believe in God in this technologically developed modern world.

Yet another interesting thing is that the temple would never accept money from the devotees. You could never spot any hundial boxes or donation boxes in the temples and there are no paid VIP queues. This literally proved that “everyone is equal before God”. The temple is known for its high fame and people are thronging to offer their prayers to the “Visa God” till now.

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