Unimaginable! Can You Believe? This Man Passes Electricity Through His Body With Zero Harm



– Raj Mohan Nair is induced with immune to high voltage electricity as the electricity does not harm his body anyway.

– When the current passes through his body, Nair’s eyes get shiny and it evinces him to fall blind temporarily.

– The superhuman is ten times more impenetrable than the normal human.

– The fraction of one amp can kill the normal human being though.

What if you meet a person who can withstand several amps of electricity pass through their body? How would you react when it happens in front of you? Some of us would think it might be an illusion but it’s happening right in front of you. It is not an illusion but down on earth, we have a human from South India named Raj Mohan Nair who can hold up several amps of electricity passing through his body. It is not a fiction or illusion but it is the truth and thus he is labeled as the Electric Man of India.

This real superhuman can do wonders when the electricity is passed through his body and it is because of the naturally instilled immune of the body. Surprisingly, he could withstand several amps of electricity without any harm to his body. What happens when a tenth of an amp passes through the normal human body? They would die literally without any doubt as it causes electrocution. But to our surprise, this man swathed wires around his body and allows electricity to pass through his body from the mains plug to electric bulbs and iron plates.

As mentioned before, a fraction of one ampere can kill a human being but this super-powered human can pass several amps through his immune-instilled body. Mohan Nair, with the help of one wire in his mouth and the other one anywhere in the body, allows to pass the electric current through him and to the other device which he wants to pass the power. By the way, it does not harm him any damn way until now and that’s how he turns out to be the Electric Man of India.

Raj Mohan Nair was only 7 years old when he came to discover about the fantastically unbelievable power. Once he stated that – ‘when he lost his mother and went into depression, he decided to end his life by climbing up the transformer and snatching the live wire. But to his astonishment, there was no harm or nothing happened to him. It was on that priceless moment he realized that he had been blessed with a natural gift from God.’

He was even tested by Daniel Browning with a multimeter, in which they found that Mohan Nair’s body is ten times more impenetrable than the normal human. You might rub your eyes, again and again, to watch him preparing delicious food by holding a hot plate in his own hands. He is called the Electric Man of India or Superhuman because of the superpower juggernaut capability he possesses, which gave him the reason to live.

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