SEX: The MOST Popular Myths And Facts You Never Knew



Sex myths are not true though.

Here is an eye-opener for those who blindly believe in the sex myths.

Your body does not function according to the sex myths, it seems.

Gossiping about sex or talking about sensual pleasure will always be everyone’s spirited topic though. Everyone likes to indulge in sensual pleasure with their loved ones, after all, we are humans imbibed with feelings and emotions by birth. Though sex is an eminent part of our lives, it is understood with the preconceived notion. We do have a list of myths which we all might somehow familiar with and is believed so, for generations after generations. At times, it works exactly just opposite to the myths but these myths have been irreplaceable in the minds of the humans as they believe it still.

Here is the list of sex myths that you believe is true but that’s not how it works.

YOU CANNOT GET CONCEIVED DURING MENSTRUATION: Most of us think that it is safe to involve in sexual activities during menstruation, as there is no possibility to get pregnant. It is because we know the fact that women cannot conceive during periods. But there is a chance for you to get pregnant while you are menstruating. Scientifically, we might have known that the female body cannot support to ovulate during periods. But there is also a chance for sperm to stay in the vaginal tract for some days and will do the rest after the ovulation stage starts. On the other hand, bleeding can be mistaken as periods because it can occur even during ovulation.

WOMEN FEEL PAIN DURING THE FIRST TIME: The universe believes that women involving in sex for the first time will experience the pain and it hurts the most. The hymen can break for the first time and it is not taken to be painful. And it is this part of the female which is a misunderstood part of the female body. It is not something that associates with virginity but it can break even for nonsexual reasons too. Though sex involves pain and females do feel discomfort at times, it is not painful at the time of losing virginity and guaranteed.

INDULGING IN SEX OFTEN MAY LOOSEN THE VAGINA: Numerous people think that having too much sex can make the vagina looser than ever and acts as a chastity symbol for young damsels all over the world. It is not true though, the vagina is not appeared to be tight during the sexual intercourse in the very first place. When a woman is highly spirited with increased lubrication and blood flow, then the vagina would automatically be loosened. And there is nothing, it can be played as a chastity symbol.

FEMALE ORGASMS RELY ON MALE ACTION: We do completely believe that females get orgasms only due to the active performance of males. But that’s not it works because most of the women did not orgasm and it might take other stimulation to attain it. The female orgasm is mysterious and cannot be understandable for years. If a woman cannot get an orgasm, it does not mean that her man is bad.

SENSUAL PLEASURE IS ACTUALLY AN EXERCISE: Many of us would come across different magazines and the internet displaying that sex is a form of exercise. But science does not say so and it is probably not true. Of course, sex involves sweating and helps in burning a certain amount of calories. Meanwhile, the same amount of calories can be reduced by doing cycling and walking. But most sex cannot do this burning calorie and it does not mean that sex is completely devoid of benefits.

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