Vikkas Manaktala Explains Shiva, Kung Fu, And Namah Connection


“Kung Fu has helped me a lot to reduce around 7-8 inches for my upcoming show Namah where I am playing the role of Lord Shiva” says Actor Vikkas Manaktala.

We watch our favorite actors on the small screen every single day breathing lives into the characters they play in the shows. But a lot of preparations goes behind building the character to make it look convincing and one of them being appearance and fitness.

These days, actors are looking for newer and healthier options to stay fit and the lead actor of Star Plus’s upcoming mythological drama Namah-Anant mitrata ki maha gatha, Vikkas Manaktala has taken a liking for popular Martial art sport, Kung Fu and has been working very hard to stay healthy and fit.

Vikkas Manaktala said, “I start my day at 5 AM with my martial arts class which pumps me up with a rush of energy. I have been learning various striking and grappling techniques, adding to my overall strength training. Moreover, Kung Fu is a major stress-buster for me and all my tensions and tiredness are taken care of when I am practicing it. Furthermore, It has helped me a lot to reduce around 7-8 inches for my upcoming show Namah, where I am playing the role of lord Shiva. It is my new-found love and I am looking forward to acing the form and enhancing my physique.”

Kudos to Vikkas for his commitment and dedication towards his fitness goals!

Well, we are sure that many of his fans will be motivated to find their own fitness mantra and pursue it with such dedication!

Namah-Anant mitrata ki maha gatha will air soon on Star Plus!

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