‘What Not To Eat’ When You Have Cold And Cough This Season


“You are what you eat”- check your bowl of foods and glass of drinks while you have a cough and cold.

Probably, cold and cough are considered to be very common things during the monsoon season. Though they are considered to be common, they are so annoying and irritable in general. However, the cold and cough could be cured with a week or weeks without undergoing any treatment but still, there are natural remedies for treating cold and cough in many other ways. Still, you have to be aware of what you are consuming which would actually cure you as fast as possible. This is because we are what we are eating and so it is highly advisable to avoid certain foods while you are advised to have certain foods and drinks. So, try to avoid certain foods and drinks while you have a cough or cold.

STAY AWAY FROM FRIED SNACKS: Of course, fried snacks are what we almost wish to control. There are several healthy snacks which increase the goodness of your health. Fried snacks are actually not healthy but we crave it but make your health worst at times. When you consume fried snacks regularly, it might weaken your immune system. Since they are high in fat, they are no good for your health. As your immune system goes weak, it would worsen your cough and cold further.

AVOID BOOZING ALCOHOLS: Alcohols are the must-avoidable one during the time of cold or flu as it might worsen your health. Being a dehydrated drink, Alcohol should be avoided completely. Meanwhile, it would also affect the immune system. When you drink too much, it would lead to further health issues which would be serious to an extent. Moderate boozing is better but you gotta avoid it when you have a cold or cough.

DAIRY PRODUCTS: You might think what’s the point in avoiding milk and dairy products? But this is because milk and dairy products increase the congestion and so it is advisable to avoid when you have a cough and cold. However, Dairy products include curd, butter, etc increase the intensity of mucus. If in case you consume dairy products when you have a cold and flu, it would increase the mucus production thereby making it difficult to breathe and you might suffer from headaches.

STOP HAVING CAFFEINATED DRINKS: Naturally, when you people have a cold and cough, they wish to have hot drinks to feel the warmth in their throat. They would intake the liquid items in the form of coffee frequently but it should be avoided while you have a cough and cold. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, energy drinks, cola drinks, and tea should be avoided as they would dehydrate your body which is not good for your health.

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