‘’Working With Kareena Kapoor Khan Has Been A Big Learning Experience For Me,’’ Says Sumeet Vyas


‘’Working With Kareena Kapoor Khan Has Been A Big Learning Experience For Me,’’ Says Sumeet Vyas, the OG web series actor, In The Latest Episode Of Filmfare Spotlight

One of the most versatile actors who made OTT shows cool with his stellar performances, Sumeet Vyas, is inarguably the Indian web OG. Having starred as the adorable Mikesh, Sumeet was part of TVF originals Permanent Roommates, a show that opened the door for countless storytellers to foray into the emerging Indian digital space and shine. With commendable performances as Chandan in TVF’s Tripling, and Ram Jethmalani on The Verdict – State vs Nanavati, rest assured that Sumeet rose to the challenge and performed the most challenging of roles with relative ease. In the latest episode of Filmfare Spotlight, the star in a virtual conversation with Filmfare Digital Editor, Rahul Gangwani, spills the beans on his journey, life as a digital space actor, and his take on acting, amongst other topics.

With working-from-home being part of the new normal, Sumeet, being the trendsetter that he is, was part of a show – Wakaalat From Home, that took the entire concept of this working model to heart. Shot entirely during the lockdown from the residences of the four cast members, Sumeet talks about the experience of doing such a unique web series. Narrating a host of funny incidents, he says, “There was a phone that was capturing us and a laptop from which we chatted to cue to each other because it was live. We had to wear headphones because they had to capture the sound accurately. All of these things had to be in place for every take. We did things in one go, just like in theatre. So many times, I would forget to wear my headphones and we would get a really good take and then I would confess that I forgot wearing my headphones and now have to do the whole take again. So then they would mute themselves abuse me and then come back and say, ‘Oh it’s alright.’’

Link :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgKfkoZrED8

The actor, who has been part of various Hindi Films, talks about his most popular multi-starrer film Veere Di Wedding. He played Kareena Kapoor Khan’s partner in the film, and reveals that he was pleasantly surprised to be paired opposite the actress. Sharing the experience of working with Kareena, he says “There is a reason why Kareena is so popular and so successful over such a long period of time because unless you are very committed to your craft and this hard-working, you cannot sustain your success. You can achieve it, but cannot sustain it for this long. This has been a big learning experience for me.’’

Watch Sumeet Vyas talk about his journey in the digital space, his salad days, how Permanent Roommates was an experiment that worked really well, career advice to younger self choosing a permanent roommate and much more in the latest episode of Filmfare Spotlight exclusively on Filmfare’s social media platforms.

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