2 Lip-smacking Mutton Recipes to Relish This Diwali Holiday

Diwali is around the corner. Here are the two top dishes which are mouth-watering and can be included in your Diwali lunch menu.

Like chicken, mutton is another non-vegetarian food which is most loved. Most people love to relish the mutton recipes to the core. Mutton gravies are great when paired with white rice or rotis or chappathis or dosa. There are several ways to cook mutton and enjoy them. Since the Diwali holiday is around, we give you two simple mutton recipes to prepare at home. The next day of Diwali you will be willing to take a much-needed break at home. And what makes your holiday more satisfying? FOOD and REST. So, we are listing two simple and lip-smacking mutton recipes to relish this Diwali holiday. Come! Check this out and try the recipes at your home for this Diwali.

Palatable Mutton Liver Gravy:

Some love eating mutton liver while some do not choose mutton liver. The chocolate-like pieces of mutton liver are easily preparable. However, most non-vegetarian lovers love to binge on this mutton recipe with white rice or Rotis. All you have to do is to take note of the required ingredients including mutton liver pieces, chopped onions and tomatoes, spices and salt. Boil the livers and add the spices to the pan. Now, add the boiled liver pieces to the spices with a few drops of water. Allow it to cook well by closing the pan. Wait for a few minutes and open the lid to taste the palatable mutton liver gravy. You can curry leaves to it as an option.

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Authentic Mutton Gravy:

That authentic mutton gravy prepared from your mom’s hand is always special. Although your mom prepares the best version of mutton gravy, you can still make it with simple steps when you are away from home. Wash the mutton pieces and keep them aside. Take a pressure cooker and add the spices one by one and mix it along with onions, tomatoes and ginger garlic paste and a few drops of curd. Now, add the mutton pieces and mix them well. Pour water and add the required amount of salt and close the cooker. Wait for 5 to 6 whistles. Allow the pressure to settle down and open it to have the aromatic gravy. Garnished it with coriander leaves. Your mom will definitely appreciate your gravy.

Try the two simple mutton recipes to relish this Diwali holiday to the fullest.

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