5 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home for this Diwali

Diwali is approaching and it is only a few days away. It is indispensable to decorate your home this Diwali with diyas or lights and flowers. You may be done with your festive shopping, list of sweets to prepare and stock up on crackers box. Then comes, the home decoration which you will be planning to do the day before. Your mind may pop up certain ideas while your family come up with creative ideas too. However, we are here to impart some simple ways to decorate your home for this Diwali. We bet you this may not be too expensive as you think. Continue reading to implement the following 5 simple ways to decorate your home for this Diwali.

Decorate Your Home with Colourful Flowers and Rangoli:

Obviously, Diwali is incomplete without the inclusion of flowers and rangoli. All you have to do is to clean your home and make it prepare for the complete Diwali decoration. Go for simple rangoli designs and decorate them with colourful flowers such as roses and yellow ones. Decorating your home with vibrant flowers and attractive rangoli will definitely invite all the positivity to your home.

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Decorate Your Home with Scented Candles:

Why not scented candles? We know you may have those unused scented candles or lamps stocked up in your home. One of the best and simplest ways to decorate your home for this Diwali is to make use of those scented candles. Lights always infuse the beginning of new life.

Decorate Your Home with aesthetic Diyas:

Diyas are, of course, one of the staple pooja objects in every Indian home. Light up those diyas and welcome the good things into your life. The earthen diyas are always the go-to ones. Lighting them up gives the perfect festive vibes.

Decorate Your Home with Paper Lampshades:

Simple paper lampshades are easily available and affordable as well. Like decorating the Christmas tree for the Christmas, you can purchase a few paper lampshades to decorate your home. The best way to place the paper lampshades is on your balcony. You are lucky if you have one. So, go for it.

Decorate Your Home with Last-minute Touch:

You may have those diyas, lights and lampshades but the final or last-minute touch is here. Bring in all those home-prepared sweets and dishes you have prepared for the start of the day. Arrange it before you have it in the pooja room and draw a simple rangoli as well. Pray and enjoy the day!

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