4 Non-Veg Foods that come with Aphrodisiac Quality

For years, people have been using cooking as a weapon for bonding and they will cook certain foods to improve their intimacy feel. Some notable foods can boost your qualities of romance, and fertility and also offers good and healthy reproductive organs. Meanwhile, we have aphrodisiac foods that enhance the erotic pleasure of people. These food substances can be from plants, animals or minerals and can be traced back to the early civilizations and cultures. However, aphrodisiacs can be divided into three categories such as potency, libido and pleasure. We intake different vitamins that in turn have different effects on the body. But then the purpose is to get spiced up the erotic feel and to be high in love. While we have a vegan style of aphrodisiacs in our life, we also have non-vegetarian aphrodisiacs to boost up sensual delight. These non-vegetarian aphrodisiac foods definitely delight non-vegetarian lovers who are not interested in consuming vegan-style foods often.



Well! People might think what’s there in the seafood? But then, Oysters have been well-noted for their aphrodisiac qualities. It is believed that Venetian heartbreaker Giacomo Casanova was rumoured to enjoy oysters as a booster and also seduced a virgin once by slipping his oysters. A study also found that it has increased the level of testosterone in sedentary men. Oysters also contain zinc as a compound, which in turn is beneficial to the male reproductive system.

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Salmon fish

It is said that salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are too healthy for the heart. Salmon helps in libido production by adding up the building blocks of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. So, a piece of salmon will flame you with the sexual drive.



Like oysters, Steak is also loaded with full of zinc and so it is a good aphrodisiac food for men to consume as well. The protein-rich red meats like steak are the natural booster of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These two compounds are essential for female arousal as they heighten sensitivity during sex.



The cold-water fish like Salmon, Sardines are incorporated with a high level of omega-3 fatty acid. So, if you really wanna increase your sensual stamina and erotic feel, you can pick these cold water fishes for better results. The presence of omega-3 fats will help you to enhance your mood, increase your sense of well-being, battle depression and also improve your memory power.

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