5 Best Delectable Bacardi Breezer Flavours to Try

• Saying cheers with colourful and flavoursome Breezers creates a Bacardi-style!
• Bacardi Breezer throws its colourful arrow straight into your heart and grabs your attention from anywhere!

Emerged as one of the popular brands, Bacardi is years old as it was started back then in 1962. Comes from Cuba, it is a spirit company that initially started manufacturing White Rum. It, in turn, is followed by Scotch, Whiskey, Gin, and Tequila as well. However, the vibrant and fruit flavoured rums make it a perfectly ideal choice. Gained its popularity, Bacardi has raised as one of the finest brands of White Rum in the world. Moreover, it turns out to be most people’s language who are forever hitched with Bacardi. The blend of fruits and drink serves the best Bacardi Breezers to be lined up for holding high. These fruit-based drinks are actually ready-to-drink cocktails that contain a low level of alcohol. However, the level of alcohol being infused in the fruit-based drink can be varying as it depends upon countries. When it comes to India, it ranges from 4 to 5% of alcohol. Certainly, most people tried gulping the flavoursome Bacardi Breezer. Even so, you may not know the best flavours to try. Here are the 5 best delectable Bacardi Breezer flavours to try the next time you are saying cheers with your gang. Read on. . .



Of all the flavours available in Bacardi Breezer, Cranberry takes the first place. This is because it is one of the most loved and highest-selling Bacardi Breezer flavours. Most people may even fall for a glimpse of the red colour and tangy taste of the drink. Taste it once and you will forever be its lovely victim! It can be easily available to satisfy your taste buds and make your gang parties super cool ones.


While Jamaican Passion seems to be less impressive, a sip from it can make you its forever-salve. It has passion fruit as its main blend and gives a distinct taste. The light yellow colour of this Bacardi Breezer awaits you to own your heart. It is just a sip away from you. More to the delight, this particular drink comes with the essence of almonds and citrus lime to give the drink a sparkling taste.


When it comes to blackberry, almost everyone wishes to try it. While blackberry flavour is more appealing when it comes in the form of ice cream, it is just the same when it comes in the form of liquor. Blackberry is one of the most wanted flavours right next to the cranberry. Wish to try it right now? Grab it!


You just cannot forget the ultimate flavour – Lime. Since it is an all-time favourite and refreshing flavour for anyone, it can never be neglected. It is one of the highest-selling flavours as well. The drink comes with a balanced flavour and is best suited for hot summer vacations. Lime flavoured Breezer never disappoints you.


Lychee is one of the flavours which most people like to try often. The Lychee flavour is easily available in India and it comes with an extra sweet when compared to other flavours of Bacardi Breezer. This strong flavour is always worth a cheers with your gang. It deserves a try.

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