5 Warm Winter Snack Ideas: Healthy Foods

The huge relief when you desperately found a snack while you search for it, is a whole mood. What if the ones who found are your favourite snacking? Well, you would be chilling like never before, aren’t you? Snacking could be not be neglected even if you try hard though. With the onset of winter and festive mood, you just could not help yourself from eating cookies and cakes. The month is all about Christmas and winter. So, you could not bid adieu to the cute cookies and joyful days of winters. However, we know you might be thinking of some healthy foods to warm the winter days. And yeah! We never failed you as we are here with 5 warm winter snack ideas to munch this December. Trust us, the following 5 warm winter snack ideas are healthy and delish too. Read on. . .


The nutty flavoured almonds are loaded with nutrients notably protein, fibre, vitamin E, healthy fat and magnesium. The healthy suggestion of all is snacking on a handful of almonds. If you wish to spice up the plain almonds, then you could sprinkle some cumin over the raw nuts. You could roast and spice them up to munch. It would improve your immunity thereby keeping your body warm during winters.

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Believe it or not, chickpeas are one of the best warm winter snack ideas. Packed with fibre, folate, magnesium and vitamin A, chickpeas come with numerous health benefits. Do not think much about how to make it interesting to snack. It is recommended to just the old-fashioned way of tossing the boiled chickpeas into your mouth. If preferred, you could add cumin and pepper along with salt which you add.


For those who want the touch of crunchiness and crispiness, we are here with roasted veggies. Yippee! You get that lip-smacking snack finally. Just flip in some nutritious veggies such as sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and cauliflower. Try roasting them with the tangy touch and your kids would love it. This yummy roasted veggie snack would not only provide satiation but also keep your body warm.


This is just as simple as the other winter snacking. All you have to do is to mix the fresh spinach leaves with besan and then deep fry them into small rounds. Pakoras are one of the popular Indian snacking during the chill breeze. You could have it along with a cup of steaming ginger tea. This delish snack would keep you warm and healthy. Of course, green leaf veggies would never fail you.


Onions are one of the staple veggies in every household. Like spinach pakora, preparing crispy onion pakora requires besan powder and sliced onions. Dip the sliced onions into the besan mix and deep fry them. Yippee! You are now ready to serve it with coriander leaves. It is not only everyone’s favourite snacking but also the best one to munch while you curling up on your couch during winters.

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