Best Indian Breakfasts for Weight-loss Menu

Wherever you go, “weight loss” issues follow you. Restricting yourself from eating certain foods, controlling the cravings and limiting the intake of foods would only lead to the worst hankerings. It would then lead to weight gain instead of losing weight. If you are clueless about how to eat healthily and promote weight loss, we are here to help you out with the best weight-loss-friendly Indian breakfast ideas. The nation boasts rich and luscious cuisine which comes with numerous health benefits as well. As you read the title ‘weight-loss-friendly Indian breakfast ideas’, you might be expecting certain foods as your breakfasts. But we are here with different flavours and tastes of foods that you do not expect from us. The following are the best Indian breakfasts for Weight loss menu. Read on. . .

Ragi Idli:

Otherwise known as Finger millet, Ragi is known to be the healthiest option of food. It is easily prepared when you mix the ragi powder along with the idli batter. The finger millet is known for its low-calorie content and so you could be taken in any form. The 15-minute South Indian breakfast bestows the best result for your body. It is best served with chutney and sambar as true South Indian style.

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Egg Bhurji:

Egg Bhurji

None could resist the aroma and yumminess of egg bhurji. It is contented with flavour, and nutrients as your body expect. Being famous for Indian street food, Egg bhurji forms to be the best breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe. The addition of tomatoes, onions, veggies, distinct Indian spices, and ginger blend well with the scrambled texture of eggs. And that’s how it provides the best weight-loss-friendly breakfast of all time.

Bathua Paratha:

Bathua Paratha, or say, green parathas would come most healthily. Also known as flat-breads, Bathua Paratha is a perfect winter breakfast to munch. Although it takes 45 to 50 minutes of preparation, the breakfast is worth it as it is loaded with healthy greens. Greens improve the health and development of your body and so do the parathas with low calories.

Adai Dosa:

Like idlis, dosas include a distinct taste and considers to be the best breakfast ever. This low-calorie dosa is healthy, protein-rich, low in GI and delectable as well. The best vegan Indian breakfast comes with a gluten-free option. Prepared with lentils, adai dosa is a storehouse of nutrition which you should add to your weight-loss-friendly breakfast list.

Vegetable Upma:

Okay, Do not frown while reading it “UPMA”. You might not be a great fan of upma but adding veggies to it makes it the perfect nutritious breakfast. It is one of the staple breakfasts in India. The low-calorie Indian breakfast comes healthy with the addition of veggies thereby paving the way to healthy weight loss.

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