Yum-Yum Cashew Macaroons to Try at Home

This crispy and sweet snack would keep your soul melted and your taste buds satisfied.

How could you keep yourself from touching a bowl of delicious cashew macaroons? Well, some might be completely in love with the delightful white pieces of macaroons. Even a glimpse of macaroon packs would bring merriment to others. However, this crispy and sweet snack would keep your soul melted and your taste buds satisfied. While you know they are the fusion of egg whites and sugar, it could be an easy-peasy thing to be prepared at home. Could not have this idea before? Well, you would obviously think of preparing it but then abandoned it thereby assuming it to be a difficult one. However, you could still choose to prepare it by adding an interesting ingredient, cashews. How about some yum-yum cashew macaroons to try at home? So, continue reading to know how to prepare yum-yum cashew macaroons.


You could not be much happier when you note down the simple ingredients for the preparation of cashew macaroons. The ingredients include egg whites from two eggs, half a cup of regular sugar (powdered) and cashews, a pinch of salt, and vanilla extract if you wish.

How to Prepare Cashew Macaroons:

As of now, the ingredients are ready. Start by preheating the oven to 100 degrees Celsius and spread the baking paper in the baking tray. Now, grind the cashews in the blender until it becomes coarse. Then, beat the egg whites of two eggs for a few minutes and sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar, and beat it well. In the meantime, keep adding the sugar while you are beating the mixture until it becomes a mousse texture. Make sure not to stop whisking until it becomes thick. When it is thick in consistency, you could add salt, cashews, and vanilla (optional).

Next, you could fill the mixture into the piping bag and then pipe out some tiny macaroons in the tray. Well, you know what macaroons look like and so you could shape them as per your wish. When you are done with the piping, you could place it in the oven and bake it for an hour to two. After the oven process is over, let it cool down for three to four hours. If only the small pieces of yumminess cooled down, you could munch it down with great taste. So, you could store the remaining in the air-tight container for later snacking time. And now, ‘yum-yum cashew macaroons to try at home turn out to be simple.

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