Different Ways to Eat Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is one of the most beautiful and refreshing fruits you could ever lay your eyes on. Yes, we are talking about fruit here. If you have never seen a dragon fruit in your life, try googling it and you will know we are indeed telling you the truth. But enough about how the fruit looks. Let’s talk more about the fruit itself.

Dragon fruit can be considered as a type of summer fruit that you will enjoy if you love watermelon, kiwi, and other similar fruits. Dragon fruit is not too sweet or bitter at the same time. It is sweet enough to give you a refreshing feeling. And make you feel like you want more. Now that you learned what the fruit tastes like, let’s take a look at the actual topic. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy Dragon fruit other than just eating it as it is. So let’s see the different and delicious ways you can eat Dragon fruit.

Delicious ways to eat Dragon fruit
Make Dragon fruit smoothies:

If you are someone who could live the rest of their lives with just smoothies in the morning, this will be a perfect way to eat the dragon fruit. Peel the skin of the fruit and make delicious smoothies with it. You can either drink it as a smoothie by adding other similar fruits or veggies to it. Or you can also make smoothie bowls. Some of the best fruits you can add with dragon fruit are strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple.

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Create a summer fruit salad:

Who doesn’t love a good fruit salad, right? Well, you can use dragon fruit as the main ingredient in a salad and add in more fruits to create a delicious summer fruit salad. You can eat this dragon fruit salad as a dessert after lunch so that you feel satisfied to continue the day.

Freeze and make ice cream or sorbet:

If you already know that you can make ice creams and sorbets out of most of the fruits, you would know you can do the same with dragon fruit. Simply blend the cubed dragon fruit and some other fruits and freeze them overnight or until it is set. If you want to eat it like a popsicle, freeze it in the popsicle container so that you can enjoy it the way you want.

Whip up a fruit salsa:

If you are not familiar with the fruit salsa, it is just like a normal salsa but sweet that you can add to your main courses. You can make a dragon fruit salsa by just adding finely chopped pineapple and dragon fruit with some olive oil, lemon juice, and some coriander leaves. You can eat this sweet dragon fruit salsa with foods like grilled fish, sandwiches, and even chips. They are pretty tasty, versatile, and affordable. And more importantly, much more healthy than the store-bought salsas.

So those are some of the ways we recommend eating dragon fruit. If you have any more suggestions or recipes to include dragon fruit in the food we eat, comment down below. We would be happy to know.

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