How to Make Fish Fry a Healthy Eating?

The food we choose would be great and healthy. But what makes it 100% healthy is the ingredients we add and the way we cook it. Fish fry is a simple form of cooking that most people might have mastered. As of now, you might think there is nothing to talk about the fish fry. But then, the masala you use to blend the fish pieces might need the spotlight. Did you think the “Fish Masala” from various brands might make the blend a healthy one? Well, you ought to know the answer. So, ‘how to make fish fry a health eating?’ is what drags you here. Continue reading to know how to make fish fry healthy eating and serving it palatable enough.

Admit it, most people would cut open the store brought “Fish Masala” and mix it well with the fish pieces and marinate them. Similarly, we do not know what are ingredients being infused in the crunchy and reddish-brown fried pieces of fish served in the hotels. Although you ditch the idea of eating fish fry outside, you wish to make it healthy and delicious while preparing it at home. So, the role played by the masala has to be swapped with the natural homemade ones which would make it simply healthy.

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The Ingredients for Healthy Fish Fry:

Turmeric powder, chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, coriander powder, garam powder, chopped coriander leaves, and curry leaves, salt, lemon juice, and cooking oil as per the fish pieces you are adding. Not to mention, it would be much healthier if the powder ingredients are homemade.

Steps to Prepare:

• Take a bowl and place the fresh fish pieces into it.

• Now, add turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, garam powder, ginger-garlic paste, and salt.

• Mix them well.

• Next, add the freshly chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves and lemon juice, and cooking oil.

• Blend them well until they fuse.

• Now, marinate them for about 60 minutes.

• Heat the pan and pour some oil to fry the fish pieces.

• Fry them until it turns browny and crunchy texture.

• Serve the healthy and delicious fish fry.

Doesn’t sound simple and healthy? Well, ditching the store brought “fish masala” could make you step ahead of healthy fish fry eating. Since people would like to binge-eat fried pieces of fish, it would be better to choose healthy ingredients.

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