Interesting Read For Food Lovers! Growth of Indian Flavours In the Food Industry.


Growth of Indian Flavours

The Indian restaurant industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past decade. From the evolution in customer demands, the growth of home delivery, the rise of social media, constant changes in regulations and laws, to the launch of new concepts and cuisines, there has been constant flux for any F&B operator in India.

In this ever-changing landscape, F&B operators have to continue to create unique offerings, featuring dishes and flavours that customers love, and want to return for, again and again.

While the world is shrinking, with ingredients and flavour boundaries becoming smaller, the same phenomenon is playing out in India on a national level, with our nation’s diversity of flavours and ingredients truly getting its rightful place in the Indian restaurant landscape.

Today, despite all the new cuisines that Indians have started trying, Indian food still remains the cuisine of choice for Indians across geographies and demographics. The recently released, NRAI India Food Services Report 2019, revalidates the prominence of Indian cuisine on our nation’s taste buds, and despite all the new cuisines, it is without a doubt that every Indian ultimately misses their favourite Indian flavours at the end of the day.

From the wide variety of ingredients, dishes, cooking techniques, flavours, there exists a greenfield opportunity for entrepreneurs to create concepts and dishes, all centred around and inspired from our Indian cuisine and its unique heritage.

These opportunities extend outside India’s borders, and there exists an opportunity to take Indian flavours to the world. As one of the strongest and most respected global diaspora’s, Indians around the world, have spread Indian cultures to global boundaries right from the UK, to the Middle East, to South East Asia and the US. The recognition of new-age Indian concepts in London and New York have shown the market potential for adapting Indian concepts to the local market.

Today, there has been a rise in many platforms designed to promote specialised Indian cuisines, as well as restaurants. Seeing the opportunity, Charcoal Concepts has been launched, as a platform that helps conceptualise, incubate, develop, and grow leading brands in Indian food and beverage, both in India and abroad. The mission is clear, to take Indian flavours to the world, and to put Indian food on the global map, while retaining its rightful place on our nation’s taste buds.

Together, we can all work together, to move Indian cuisine from the 4th most popular cuisine in the world (as per a recent study by a US Economist), into the top 3 very soon.

By Karan Kapur, Executive Director, K Hospitality

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