Learn the Tips & Tricks of Food Photography with Assad Dadan at The Classroom by La Folie

This ones for all the shutterbugs out there. The Classroom by La Folie is now set to take your Instagram feed up a notch with an intensive food photography workshop by industry expert Assad Dadan on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

The goal of this 4-hour-long workshop is simple: Learn to take stunning photographs of food using simple techniques and basic photography gear.  This hands-on food photography session will include a brief introduction to composition and how to frame your shots, learning exposure triangle a.k.a different aspects of manual mode, and finding the right light to make your product really shine. Participants will also be taken through a full setup to photographing exercise, and will also be taught post-processing, which helps to give images that extra edge.

This interactive session will conclude with a quick Q&A session. While most of the learning revolves around cameras, particularly DSLRs, Assad will also talk about how one can apply most of these things to even smartphone photography. Participants can carry their cameras to the workshop.

About Assad Dadan: Assad Dadan is a self-taught food photographer who loves to eat, cook, photograph, flaneur, film and experiment (in no particular order). He has worn many hats in the past – (Project manager, Animation trainer, visual artist, DJ, Breakfast-delivery service owner+delivery man, Horticulture grad; are some of them) – but currently all his time, spaces and energies belong to his undertaking – Medium&Rare – where he’s innovating engaging, delightful visuals for and with anyone who’d like to play.

He’s associated with several globally sought after names and establishments. His sharp eye and receptive wit have seen him foray into other aspects of the culinary world such as food and product styling, recipe development and brand communication. His annual Food Photography workshops have been featured in Stuff Magazine.

The class will take place on Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 1pm-5pm and is priced at Rs 2500 per person. Participants can book their spot on Insider.in, using the following link: ( http://bit.ly/2mOLMYr )


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