4 Best Yoga Asanas to Beat the Heat this Summer

It’s summertime now! You already know what that entails soaking up the sun ice-cold drinks and… heat! It can be tempting to skip regular exercise and general fitness during the summer. Because the heat and humidity can make us feel drained. The practice of yoga is an effective means to avoid lethargy and combat the heat. It also helps take care of our well-being. There are specific yoga poses that are best suited for summer as a quick and efficient way to unwind and cool the body. In this blog, we’ll look at the best Yoga asanas to beat the heat this summer.

Best Yoga Asanas to Beat the Heat this Summer:
Easy Pose

Easy Pose

Everything can be regulated by just sitting comfortably in a peaceful environment. You can calm your nervous system and relax your mind and body by performing the Easy Pose. And releases any intrusive thoughts you might have as well. Sukhasana, also known as Easy Pose, is a great position to use for visualization or cooling meditation. You’ll be able to relax and become calmer as a result.

Here’s how to do it:

Choose a comfortable sitting position on your yoga mat, on your mattress, or in your meditation area. You should support your back by sitting on a backrest or leaning against a wall because you want to sit here for a while. Relax your hands on your knees or upon your lap as you inhale, lengthening your spine upward and maintaining a shoulder-hip ratio. Soften your body and mind by taking a few deep breaths.

Cat/Cow Asana

Like us, you probably find that being overheated makes you very irritable. When you’re irritable, your body holds tension, and for most people, that tension is held in the neck. We also block our chakra energy centres when we are under tension, which causes our bodies to retain heat. You can release heat and unlock your energy centres by engaging in cooling asanas that ease neck tension. This will help you maintain a cool body temperature.

Here’s how to do this Asana:

Start out in a tabletop position with your shoulders aligned with your wrists and your knees lining up with your hips. Take a breath in and strike the cow pose by lowering your belly and lifting your tailbone. Take a deep breath in this position. After that, exhale as you assume the Cat Pose by rolling onto your back and bringing your chin up to your chest. Hold for a few seconds here, then take several breaths to repeat the Cat/Cow flow.

Supported Fish Pose

Supported Fish Pose

Supported Fish is a great chest opener. It helps extend your entire front body, loosens the shoulders and neck, and opens up the chest. This relaxing yoga pose also soothes the nervous system. Our body’s core temperature rises as a result of the fight-or-flight response that our nervous system triggers.

Here’s how to do this pose:

Place a pillow, block, or rolled-up yoga mat beneath your shoulder blades as you are lying on your back. Lay back on your support with your chest raised high in the air. You can position your arms however makes you most comfortable. Like next to your hips, to the sides in a “T” shape, or expand your hands overhead, placing your hands’ backs on the ground. Relax your legs to the fullest.

Legs Up the Wall

This is probably everyone’s favourite yoga pose. One of the most effective asanas for refreshing your body is Legs Up the Wall. This position can help with stress relief, digestion improvement, and swelling reduction—all of which are common in the summertime. Legs Up the Wall also relieve your heart from the strain of continuously pumping blood all over your body. It helps lower your heart rate and promotes mental and physical calmness.

Here’s how to do this:

Lay on your back on a rug or in bed. Place your bottom as close to the wall as you can. You have the choice to strengthen your lower back with a pillow or bolster. Leaning against the wall, raise your legs up. Ankles should be placed over the knees, and knees should be placed over the hips. With the bottoms of your feet pointed upward, let your legs hang loose.

What are some more best Yoga Asanas you do to beat the heat? Let us know!

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