4 Most Sensual ICE CUBE FOREPLAY Tricks Every Couple Should Try Tonight



Spread the aroma of romance with few ice cubes!

Make your foreplay session more fun and sensual!

Seemingly, Foreplay is one of the essential parts of sensual intercourse. You might have come across the importance of foreplay and after play while you indulge in sex. Foreplay is known for its powerful impact of getting aroused and physically stimulated and it also helps in attaining the orgasmic joys. The intense foreplay moves make you feel connected to your partner as well as enhance your sexual relationship. The more intense the foreplay, the more amazing your orgasms are! So, you could get make your foreplay more incredible with the chillness and coolness of ice in your bedroom. So, here are four ways to experience amazing foreplay moves with the chillness.

CHILL KISSES ARE EVERYTHING: Your horny ambiance starts with a juicy and love-infused kiss. Yes! A kiss could lead to an impressive romp session which makes you feel satisfied. While a normal kiss could do magic to your entire horny session, then think of a cool kiss. All you have to do is to slip the ice cubes into your mouth and then give your man an amorous kiss. It would be completely freshening and cool for you as well as for your partner. Exchange the kisses and ice cube until the ice melts totally.

PACE YOUR MAN WITH ICE: When you are done with the kiss and creating the perfect romantic ambiance, just go with a slow pace on him. What shall you now do with this melting ice cubes? You could now use a well-formed ice cube to rub all over your man’s body. Run all over his body from top to bottom and then repeat it with your hands and make erotic moves all over him. Later, ask your man to do the same for you and let him play with your erogenous parts of the body including wrists, inner elbows, hip, navel, soles of your feet and knees.

ROLL IT DOWN: When you touch him with ice cubes all over his body, he would already in the stimulated zone. Now slip an ice cube in your mouth and head to the downtown. Just replace the ice cube with your mouth and then alternate it with ice cubes to rub. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you go with nice and soft moves and avoid grating effects. So, the immediate change in the temperatures would make him moaning pleasurably. You could also ask him to do the same and enjoy pleasure equally.

LET HIM EXPLORE: When your part is done, it is now your man’s turn to explore your torso.  As of now, let him explore from the top by rolling down with an ice cube. Allow him to alternate the moves with the ice cubes and kisses. It would make you highly aroused as well.

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