4 Secrets To Lose Weight Easily Without Hitting The Gym!


You want to lose weight but hate hitting the gym? Just incorporate a few changes in your everyday activities. Always remember to eat right, get enough sleep and spending less time watching TV can help you lose weight. Gardening, dancing a great way to burn those extra calories.

Even losing little as 5-10% of weight makes a positive change in blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight can also better your physical mobility, energy levels, self-confidence, and mood.

The simple rule for losing weight is, you need to expend the more energy than your food intake. It also means to watch what you eat and looking for other ways to burn calories.


Eat Healthily: Eating right is vital in the weight loss regime. The second most important thing is never skipping your meals. This is because it makes you feel hungry and thus leads to overeating.

People who eat breakfast regularly maintain a healthy weight. For a healthy balanced meal include vegetable, fruits, proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Also, do keep a check on your saturated fat, salt, added sugars and cholesterol in your diet. Cut down caffeine intake, instead drink green tea. A study found that people who consumed yogurt lost 81% more belly fat than people who didn’t.


Get Good Night’s Sleep: Loss of sleep can increase your hunger. Studies show that only getting 4 hours of sleep every night for two days leads to change in levels of hormones (leptin and ghrelin) that control appetite (desire for food) and hunger (need for food). This is linked to an increase of 24% in hunger and 23% in appetite. The appetite for calorie-dense foods like sweets, starchy foods, and salty snacks also increased. So, not getting enough shuteye can sabotage your diet.


Watching leads to Obesity: A few studies say that our body slips into a semi-resting state while watching TV and burns fewer calories than while you were sitting without doing anything. Also watching too much TV is linked to obesity. A study shows that people who watched TV for more than 3 hours a day were likely to be obese than those who watched less.


Always on your feet: Apart from going to the gym, there are other ways to get involved in the required physical activity. A moderate-intense aerobic activity for about 150 – 300 minutes (which ups your heart rate and makes you breathe faster), it’s just like a brisk walk each week. You can start a 15-minutes exercise routine every day and increase up to 45 minutes according to your comfort level.

A 10-minute physical activity, like a quick walk in the middle of the workday, choosing stairs, walking meetings or going out dancing with friends and keep moving around every chance you get.

Also do some muscle-strengthening activities such as pushups and situps twice a week, which are great for building muscles. Muscles burn more calories than body fat, and you will lose weight faster. Indulge in some heavy-duty gardening that requires some digging and lifting.

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