4 Vitamin D Rich Foods To Shield Yourself From The Virus


The world is currently fighting against the deadly disease and become a pandemic globally. To curb the spreading of the disease, the government has been involved in several things to keep each country safe from it. They also started spreading awareness about the disease among the people and ask to have healthy food items every day to spike up their immunity. While people are indulging in increasing their immune power, some forget about the essentiality of the sun in our life. People often forget about the importance of sunlight and its crucial part in increasing the immune power of the body. The first and foremost thing you have to do every morning is to get some love from sunlight. This is because sunlight is rich in vitamin D and when it lacks, there might be several health issues. Well, it is also highly essential to fight against COVID-19.

Well, the presence of vitamin D is indispensable for fighting COVID-19. As we are staying indoors for a lot of time, our body would not get the necessary vitamin D from the sun. Most people would think that sitting in front of the window would provide them with the necessary vitamins as the UV rays would not travel through the glass. Currently, reports exhibit that vitamin D could be helpful in battling COVID-19 and even a recent study has found that patients with vitamin D deficiency were doubly prone to COVID-19 complications. So, it is important for you to go out for a while or in the early morning to get some love from the sunlight. Apart from sunlight, here are the other ways to get enough vitamin D.


Salmon is the best choice to infuse you with vitamin D and you should never avoid any kind of fish. Other fishes such as Herring and Sardines are highly beneficial for your body as they are rich sources of vitamin D.

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This is one of the best foods which helps you build your immunity by providing enough vitamin D. Well, you could swallow a capsule or add the liquid to your salad or smoothie or plain water. Could you believe a spoon of cod liver oil is enough to spice up your vitamin D intake?


Mushrooms are the best plant-based sources of vitamin D. Being the only one, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D2 and you could still increase the levels of vitamin D by placing them in sunlight before consuming. It would be providing other health benefits as it is filled with several nutrients.


Never avoid the whole pack of protein. An egg is one of the best foods which provide you with complete energy and infuse you with the protein of your body. Even one whole egg contains around 5% of vitamin D which your body needs. However, the vitamin D levels in egg yolk would depend on the sun exposure and the vitamin D content of chicken feed as well.

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