5 Biggest Exercise Myths You Should Stop Believing From Today


Exercise is a daily activity that people do to stay fit and healthy in their life. You would hit the gym every day and have an energetic workout session. Probably, you might have heard a number of news about exercises and workouts from someone or from your professional trainer. As a result, you would also suggest these things to others and that’s how it is spread all over. But have you ever investigated that it is the right thing scientifically before you pass it on to someone else? Most of our answers would definitely be ‘no’. So, here are some following myths you believe as scientifically true but they are merely myths. Here are the following myths you gotta check out!

EARLY MORNING WORKOUT SESSION IS THE BEST: Thousands and thousands of times, you might have heard about it but what if is only a myth, not a fact? The early morning workout is not the only best time to workouts. Though the early morning workout would hit your good metabolism rate, there is also something that is misunderstood. Well, a study has proved that working out between 1 PM and 4 PM is as effective as an early morning workout session. So, remember that the time of your workout session does not matter the most.

BIGGER MUSCLES ARE EQUAL TO MORE STRENGTH: Seemingly, we all have this conjecture of bigger muscles that those people with massive muscles would have more strength than others. But here is a study that found that weight lifters and sprinters have inculcated stronger muscle fibers than bodybuilders in general. But this does not mean that the bodybuilders are weaker. You people gotta remember the ‘quality over quantity’.

DO NOT WORKOUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: People put forth that when you workout with your friends, it is totally distracting and it is completely a waste of time. But this just a myth when it comes to reality. A study revealed that people with their pals at the gym enjoy their workout and works harder than solo people. You could even ask people at your gym who are working out with their friends and about how they feel. When you work out with your friends, you really wanna impress your friend by working out harder. Don’t you?

CARDIO SHOULD BE THE FOREMOST THING: Okay! This is the biggest mistake you could have done ever. Not only but most of the people out there as you might have come across doing cardio first would help you burn and makes you active. Even your trainer might have insisted on doing cardio first and it is practiced for years. However, doing cardio first would drain your stored energy for other difficult tasks such as lifting heavier weights.

INCREASING WEIGHT MEANS GETTING FAT: Last but not least, here is the most familiar myth which you believe is damn true. You would be happy if the above statement is a myth. Don’t you? Yes! When you exercise regularly, you would witness no change or you would have gained weight. When people see no changes and gaining weight, they would desperately give up doing exercise. It is nothing but your body muscles are getting stronger slowly. In fact, muscles weigh more than fat. This is because the muscle gain is more equal to the amount of fat you have lost in the process of reducing weight.

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