5 Most Easiest Bedtime Hacks That Do Magic On Your Skin


Sometimes, you might have amazed by the gorgeousness of women in their 40s and 50s. You might also wonder how could be twinkle amidst the crowd and look more attractive, right? How could they manage their skin so well? You would definitely be yearning to know about their secret skincare techniques, aren’t you? Well, your skin cells are under regeneration while you are sleeping and so it is highly essential to clean and give it some love before your bedtime which is known to be the secret skincare tip of many women with beautiful skin. So, here are some effective bedtime habits that would help you to maintain healthy and glowing skin forever. Check them out!

TAKE AWAY THE MAKEUP: If you are hitting the bed with your makeup, then you are going to regret later for it. As you get your makeup done to slay your day, it would automatically accumulate a lot of oil and dirt gets mixed up along with the makeup particles thereby settling into the pores well when you are going for your bed. Could do sense it? Well, This is the reason why you gotta remove your makeup to avoid breakouts and uneven skin. So, you have to use a gentle makeup remover or use coconut oil if you wish to go natural.

WASH YOUR FACE: Once you have removed your makeup, you just have to clean your face with your favourite cleanser or a water-based cleanser, or an exfoliating face wash. This would ensure not to leave a bit of dirt or residues of makeup clinging to your skin. Try washing your face with warm water and dry it out using a soft towel.

PAMPER YOUR SKIN WITH A NIGHT MOISTURIZER: When it comes to nighttime skincare, you should avoid using the same moisturizer which you use all through the day. It would be great if you use a high-quality rejuvenating moisturizer that is incorporated with antioxidants that in turn would be helpful in recharging the skin cells. So, all you have to do is to apply a good moisturizer before bed and massage gently to promote blood flow. However, a water-based moisturizer would be safe and healthy for your skin as it would be helpful in hydration.

BID ADIEU TO PUFFY EYES: If you wish to wake up to refreshing eyes, not with those tired puffy eyes or wrinkles, then you gotta use a good eye cream which would help eliminate the fine lines and discolouration as well. You just have to massage it gently around the eyes right after your face moisturizer to enjoy the desired result.

MAKE IT DONE WITH A SERUM: With the use of moisturizer alone, you could not get your healthy and glowing skin. As serums are thin in texture, it could go through the skin layers and enhance the health of your skin. Make sure to select a serum that would be great for your skin type and try applying a bit of it on your face before going to the bed.

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