7 Reasons Why Writing By Hands Is Great For Teenagers’ Wellbeing


Writing is already a form of exercise which hones your concentration power. Even though the rise of technology has made it taking notes an easy-peasy thing, it would never offer any of the benefits that “writing by hand” gifts you. Writing by hand could have several benefits such as soothing the body and nerves, delaying mental ageing, sharpening the focus, stimulating the brain, destroying depression and anxiety, opening the room for creativity, warding off dyslexia, improving the learning abilities, and encouraging the brain development. Meanwhile, your teens would be deliberately ignoring the chance of writing but you gotta make them realize the benefits of writing by hand by speaking to them friendly. The outstanding benefits of writing by hand are not only for teens but also for everyone out there. As of now, we shall check out the wonderful benefits of writing by hand.

IMPROVES THE FOCUS: Whenever people choose to work or type on a computer or laptop, there would be multiple distractions whereas writing would directly help you to focus on the work than anything else. It would offer you immediate focus and help you learn thereby turning the knowledge into memory.

SWITCHES ON THE ROOM OF CREATIVITY: Writing could help unbind creativity since your brain is under work. It is well-known that everyone’s handwriting differs from one another as it shows an artistic sense of the people.

BOOSTS BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Being the major organ of the human body, the brain could develop and control your body’s activating and is even known for thinking. When you are writing by hand, your brain would be engaged in learning and focusing thereby it would develop better. Especially, if you are trying to write in cursive, it would stimulate both of your brain which is highly effective for problem-solving, and artistic abilities as well.

DELAYS THE MENTAL AGEING: Did you know writing could be one of the best ways for people to restore their memory as they start ageing? Yes, it happens because of the ability to help you remember things and information. This is why teachers and elders would suggest the children or students write down the things they have studied instead of reciting as this would help them increase their memory power.

DESTROYS DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY: Whenever you feel low or unhappy or stressed or depressed, just pull out a note and a pen to write down whatever you feel and turn them into words. As you write by hand, your thoughts would get a calming flow as you focus more on words. This process would help you get relief when you are done writing them. Try this amazing way of de-stressing and feel rejuvenated at once.

EASES THE BODY AND NERVES: When you start writing, it would drag your wavering mind to be focused in it thereby closing all types of distractions from every corner. Surprisingly, writing would calm down the brain which thus makes it an amazing activity to do before hitting your bed.

SHAPES YOU INTO A BETTER WRITER: Back then, famous writers would use their hands to write down their story for the world to read it. Even today, many famous writers are choosing writing by hand than typewriters or laptops. So, it would help your teens to write better than those who use computers or laptops. Who knows they might even become a popular author someday?

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