Jaljeera: 6 Phenomenal Reasons Why It Is Great For Your Health


Jaljeera? What’s does it mean? Well, Jaljeera is nothing but a wonderful drink which has been prepared with the ingredients such as fresh coriander, rock salt, mint, roasted cumin seeds, black pepper, pepper powder, black salt and dry mango as well. By reading the ingredients of the drink, you would get the glimpse of its actual health benefits. When you drink this nutritious one, your body would cool down, and starts combating the heat of the summer sun. When you have this cool beverage, it would treat right from abdominal cramps to digestive problems. You could also overcome any stomach related issues with a glass of Jaljeera. You could also sprinkle some crispy boondi to Jaljeera or go plain. This popular summer drink has lots and lots of health benefits. Check them out!

AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: Due to the addition of cumin seed powder, Jaljeera is extremely helpful in reducing the weight. It would just contain only fewer calories as well as offer satiate your tummy. So, make it your routine to help your weight loss process.

CLEANSES THE BODY: Since jaljeera inculcates several spices, they are naturally beneficial in detoxifying the body. As these spices would also contain the cooling properties, it would keep your body cool during the hot sunny summer weather.

IMPROVES THE IMMUNE POWER: Adding dry mango powder as an ingredient to the summer drink would help you improve the immune power. This is possible because of the presence of vitamin C.

STIMULATES DIGESTION: Sprinkling some black salt in jaljeera could be beneficial in fight off intestinal gas and could be helpful in healthy digestion process. It could kick start digestive juices and taste buds which in turn remove heartburn.

RELIEVES NAUSEA: Start incorporating jaljeera drink in your diet, and it would give you a great relief from nausea or vomiting. The jaljeera powder when stirred along with water, it could be helpful in curbing nausea.

CONTROLS MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: Women would suffer extreme menstrual cramps, and in this case, you could sip jaljeera to ease the menstrual cramps. You could feel refreshed and relaxed.

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