6 Mind-Blowing Vastu Tips For A Real Hot Spicy SEX Life



People could seek for Vastu in constructing a home because it could provide goodness in life. You could also come across some Vastu plants to enrich your life. However, love is an inevitable one in everyone’s life.  If love is the food of life, then feed on!  Here too, Vastu plays an important role in strengthening the relationship. Vastu principles are really essential in showering the eternal love for the couples. In order to succeed in your love life, you just have to imply the Vastu principles in your life. It helps to build non-stop love in the souls of the hearts and Vastu could do wonders in finding true love as well. Here are the few tips to enhance the relationship and impel loads of love.

ROOM SPACE: Your bedroom is your space for togetherness and a bedroom which is located exactly in the South-West direction of the home is the best.  The reason is that it is the direction of the Earth element which in turn offers love and bonding. Additionally, the sun sets in this particular direction and it proffers a good quality sleep. Well, make sure that the bedroom is in the square or the rectangular shape and its eastern corner should be free of litter and open.

COMFY BED: When it comes to the placement of your comfortable bed, it should be placed in the South-West direction of your bedroom. The sweet and comfy bed is what we need at the end of the day to have a good rest. It is highly recommended to have a wall behind the headrest despite the window which could possibly interrupt the sleep. You could also have a single bed sheet for the couples.

COLORFUL AMBIENCE: Of course, color matters the most in the bedroom. When it comes to love, red is considered to be a passionate color to be chosen. It is an ideal color to be infused in your room as it is the color of love. Meanwhile, too much red is not good for the pleasant ambience. So, you could also go for the light hues and other ideal combination which you love the most for your room.

MIRACLES OF MIRRORS: Obviously, you might have heard that looking at the mirror while indulging in sex would be revitalizing one. But it is not advisable to place the mirror just opposite to the foot of the bed, especially when you are sleeping. The reason behind is because it might create arguments and encourages intrigues as the energy has been split. So, it is highly suggested to move the mirror or just veil with the curtain when your sleeping time arrives.

AROMATIC CANDLES: Candles are definitely a better choice of creating a romantic room space. It always spreads a lovey-dovey feel for you as well as for your partner. All you have to do is to place an aromatic candle in the South –East direction which thus showers the love energies into the room.

PLEASANT PICTURES: When it comes to fixing pictures in your room, it is advisable to go with couples posing together or you could place your own romantic pictures. A beautiful picture of a couple being together makes you to feel the strong bond. Meanwhile, you should avoid fixing the pictures of animals or other shapeless figures in your room which might have the possibility to spread negative vibes.

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