Biggest SEX Mistakes Men Should Avoid At The Bedroom During The Heavenly Act

Here is a list of 5 common mistakes men make with women. Understand in detail and implement changes and improve your sex life.

Sex doesn’t begin in the Bedroom: Men may turn on like a spark, but for women, arousal doesn’t happen that fast. Keep kissing her, hugging her and hold her hands frequently. Ensure both of you have great fun together and appreciate her for what she does. Women enjoy sex when they feel secure and safe in a relationship. Hugging for 30 seconds stimulates oxytocin and that is the hormone in women that creates the sense of belief

Don’t stick to a routine Plan Always: Everything depends on her mood. To understand her and if both of you have agreed to go ahead, try different things and get to see how she responds. And for sure you’ll find something that really works. When you find it, just stay put, remain there and linger on it. Do not move on to the next level immediately if you see her enjoying it. Finally, don’t keep doing the routine.

Don’t Assume. Just ask her: Most women are faking Orgasm. You never know if she is enjoying the act or not. Do not hesitate to ask her out. Check on, how she feels and ask her if she wants things to be done differently. Let her direct things for you.

Never miss out on Seduction: Each woman is different from the other. There is no rule book you can follow in sex. Seduction is very important which makes the man understand what TURNS-ON her woman. If she likes you commenting on her hot looks, if she likes oral sex or if she loves those dirty talks, go ahead and speak your mind, don’t hesitate.

Intercourse does not give her an Orgasm: Yes. Gentlemen intercourse is not the only trick. There are many ways to really pleasure your lady. Do you know Women orgasm from Oral sex plays regularly than from intercourse? To make her hit the high, spend more time on oral sex. And try having your lady on top during sex. Woman-On Top Sex Position does wonder most of the time.

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